Netflix Who Were We Running From? cast: Who stars in the Turkish crime series?

Who Were We Running From?Image Courtesy Netflix
Who Were We Running From?Image Courtesy Netflix /

If your favorite genre is crime thrillers, you’ll be happy to know that Netflix recently dropped a show of this genre on its platform called Who Were We Running From?. It has a gripping plot and is made up of an amazing cast of actors giving incredible performances. So we strongly recommend adding it to your watchlist when you get the chance.

Starting with episode 1, you’re pulled into a story of a mother and daughter on the run from something, but what they’re on the run from is not made clear right away. They constantly travel from place to place and move from hotel to hotel while trying to remain unnoticed. But it becomes hard to stay under the radar when they leave a trail of dead bodies behind everywhere they go.

As you continue through the episodes, more and more about why the mother and daughter duo are on the run is revealed, and everything wraps up in an explosive season finale.

But who plays the main characters in Who Were We Running From? What about the supporting cast? We shared who’s in the cast right below.

Who Were We Running From? cast

Melisa Sözen portrays the role of the mother. The mother is hiding a dark secret from her past, and it’s the reason why she and her daughter are on the run. Sözen is known for her roles in the TV shows The Rose and the ThornAzap YoluBiçak SirtiBir Bulut OlsamThe Magnificent CenturyAlefThe Red Room etc. She also had roles in the movies Bana Sans DileCenneti BeklerkenHunting Season and Winter Sleep.

Eylül Tumbar plays the role of Bambi, the mother’s daughter. Bambi loves her mother but wishes to one day stay in one place and have a home instead of relocating. Tumbar is new to the entertainment industry, making her TV debut with her role as Bambi.

Here’s the cast list:

  • Melisa Sözen as Mother
  • Eylül Tumbar as Bambi
  • Musa Uzunlar as Mother’s father
  • Isik Naz Özedgü as Young Mother
  • Basak Dasman
  • Birand Tunca
  • Alper Çankaya
  • Hakan Emre Unal
  • Meriç Rakalar
  • Emre Kolukisa
  • Kubilay Tunçer
  • Devrim Kabacaoglu

Check out the exciting trailer and see the cast in action!

Be sure to check out Who Were We Running From?, now streaming on Netflix.

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