When was Love is Blind season 4 filmed? (and where did this season film?)

Love is Blind. Episode 403 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Love is Blind. Episode 403 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Get ready to re-enter the infamous pods on the latest season of Netflix’s experimental dating show Love is Blind. Love is Blind season 4 follows new single hopefuls as they search for love and strive to answer the age-old question: is love truly blind?

In Love is Blind season 4, the group moves to a new location on the west coast, and we meet an interesting bunch of castmates, most of whom are in their late 20s and 30s. There is bound to be plenty of romance, heartbreak, and drama in this new season. But for those curious as to when this season was filmed and where we’ve got the answers for you below!

When was Love is Blind season 4 filmed?

The fourth season was reportedly filmed in 2022 and wrapped filming by the fall of 2022. In August 2022, one of the hosts, Vanessa Lachey, also revealed that a fifth season was already in production and might have been filming around the same time as season 4. Netflix previously renewed Love is Blind through a fifth season, so that’s not too surprising.

Where did Love is Blind season 4 film?

Like previous seasons, Love is Blind season 4 started off in California. The beginning of the show that’s filmed within the “pods” takes place at LA North Studios. After that, the fourth season moved to Seattle, Washington, for the bulk of filming. Most of the contestants are from Seattle or the Pacific Northwest, with a few people based in Portland, Oregon.

After the main couples get engaged, they go on a trip to Mexico, so part of the show was also filmed there. Once they return from vacation, the couples go their separate ways and begin living together and trying to assimilate into being newly engaged, complete with all the factors that come with the real world, such as work and family.

Previous seasons have taken place in Los Angeles, California, and Atlanta, Georgia. It’ll be interesting to see where the fifth season films!

Love is Blind season 4 is now streaming on Netflix. New episodes premiere on Fridays.

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