Love is Blind season 4 Marshall Glaze age, Instagram, job, and more

Love Is Blind. Marshall in Season 4 of Love Is Blind. Cr. Netflix © 2023
Love Is Blind. Marshall in Season 4 of Love Is Blind. Cr. Netflix © 2023 /

The fourth season of Love is Blind is streaming on Netflix, and once again, viewers watch a lucky bunch of single women and men as they try to find the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with. This season, we meet an eligible bachelor named Marshall Glaze.

Marshall Glaze would describe himself as a perfectionist. He had been searching for an ambitious and family-oriented woman but still hadn’t met her. By participating in the social experiment, Marshall hopes to find a partner with whom he can connect mentally and emotionally. According to his bio, he purposely enters the experiment with an open mind. But will Marshall actually find the one? The only way to find out is by tuning in to the new season on Netflix.

Below, we shared all there is to know about the Love is Blind season 4 contestant!

Love is Blind Marshall Glaze age

Marshall was born on Sept. 21, 1995. He is 27 years old, and his astrological sign is Virgo. Additionally, he’s from Baltimore, Maryland, but currently lives in Seattle, Washington.

How tall is Marshall Glaze?

Marshall’s exact height is unknown, but he looks to be taller than the average height of a male, which is 5 feet 9 inches. In fact, he looks like he’s about 6 feet tall or taller.

Love is Blind Marshall Glaze Instagram

You can follow Marshall on Instagram @marshallglaze. Sadly, he’s not that active on his account with him having less than 20 posts on his page. Most of the content on his page is of selfies and short videos. Since Love is Blind season 4 is now out, we’re hoping Marshall will start posting more to keep his fans updated on what’s going on in his life.

Love is Blind Marshall Glaze TikTok

Like some of his Love is Blind castmates, Marshall also has a TikTok account. But unfortunately, he doesn’t have many videos on his page. However, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that he’ll upload more videos soon.

Love is Blind Marshall Glaze job

Marshall is a Marketing Manager. Based on the content Marshall posts on his Instagram page, it appears he also enjoys making short films. He has a short film called Night Thoughts which he posted a short clip of on his social media page.

You can catch Marshall Glaze chatting it up with the other singles in Love is Blind season 4, now streaming on Netflix.

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