Which Love is Blind season 1 couples are still together in 2023?

Love is Blind season 1 on Netflix, photo courtesy Netflix
Love is Blind season 1 on Netflix, photo courtesy Netflix /

Love is Blind premiered on Netflix in February 2020. Since then, it’s become a reality TV juggernaut with three seasons and After the Altar specials available on Netflix. Love is Blind season 4 premieres on Netflix on March 24, 2023, but before we meet the whole new cast of season 4, fans want to check in with some of the Love is Blind season 1 couples.

Are they still together in 2023? Did they break up? We shared everything you need to know about the Love is Blind season 1 couples in 2023 below.

There’s good news! Two of the five couples are still together!

Are Cameron and Lauren still together?

Yes, Cameron and Lauren are still together. The couple recently celebrated four years together at the end of 2022. Of all of the couples in Love is Blind, Cameron and Lauren seemed like the strongest couple heading into the weddings, and it’s obvious that these two were meant to be together.

The couple is still living together in Georgia, and last year, they offered ET an exclusive look at their home.

Are Damian and Giannina still together?

No, Damian and Giannina broke up before their season of Love is Blind aired on Netflix in 2020. They tried to give things a chance after their big breakup at the altar, but it didn’t work out. It seems like things are going okay for Damian and Giannina, and they’ve both dated other reality stars.

Damian was linked to Too Hot to Handle’s Francesca Farago, but that also ended. Damian and Francesca also appeared in the first season of Netflix’s Perfect Match, which was released in February 2023.

Giannina, on the other hand, met Blake Horstmann from The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise on a reality show, All Star Shore. They started dating, and they just celebrated their one-year anniversary in December 2022. The couple is currently living in Colorado.

Are Amber and Barnett still together?

Yes, Amber and Barnett are still together! Like Lauren and Cameron, Amber and Barnett just celebrated four years together. After selling his house and moving into Amber’s apartment to pay off her debt, Barnett and Amber bought a house together in 2021, according to Intouch Weekly.

You can follow the couple’s journey on Instagram. They post regularly.

Are Kenny and Kelly still together?

Kenny and Kelly, unfortunately, did not get married on Love is Blind, and they broke up. They are not together.

Since the couple broke up, Screen Rant confirmed Kelly is dating but not married. She also shared some secrets from the show and advocated for more mental health resources on set.

Kenny and Alexandra Barnes got married in January 2023.

Are Jessica and Mark still together?

Jessica and Mark, although they gave us some great moments on the show like talking to each other through their apartment wall, did not get married and they are not together, but they have married other people!

Jessica married Benjamin McGrath in 2022. The couple is expecting their first child together in 2023.

Mark, on the other hand, is married to Aubrey Rainey. The couple has two children together.

Are Diamond and Carlton still together?

Diamond and Carlton broke up during Love is Blind season 1, and they have not gotten back together. Diamond is dating. She appeared on the first season of Netflix’s Perfect Match, along with Damian.

Carlton has not shared much about his dating life since leaving Love is Blind. It doesn’t appear that he’s dating or married to anyone in 2023, but he might just not be posting about it.

So, that’s what the original Love is Blind cast is up to. Watch Love is Blind season 4 on Netflix!

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