Will Shadow and Bone adapt King of Scars or Rule of Wolves?

Shadow and Bone. Patrick Gibson as Sturhmond in episode 201 of Shadow and Bone. Cr. D‡vid Luk‡cs/Netflix © 2022
Shadow and Bone. Patrick Gibson as Sturhmond in episode 201 of Shadow and Bone. Cr. D‡vid Luk‡cs/Netflix © 2022 /

Shadow and Bone season 2 brought us the second two books in the original Grishaverse trilogy. Will the third season adapt two other books?

By the end of Shadow and Bone season 2, we got the story from Leigh Bardugo’s Ruin and Rising as well as Siege and Storm. Well, sort of. There were substantial changes to the source material, and I’m still not sure how I feel about them all.

Regardless of that, there are some show fans who would like to see a third season. The question is what that could for the series. Could we see King of Scars or Rule of Wolves adapted for the story? Bardugo has shared a little of what fans could expect in the future.

Shadow and Bone season 3 could adapt the other books

King of Scars is the first of the two books that continues on from the original Grishaverse trilogy. It covers what Nikolai does next after The Fold is destroyed and there are multiple Sun Summoners out in the world. No spoilers for those who haven’t read the book just yet.

In an interview with Radio Times, Bardugo says that the third season (if it happens) could adapt parts of King of Scars and Rule of Wolves. Of course, there would need to be some major changes considering the changes that came at the end of Shadow and Bone season 2. In Ruin and Rising, Alina and Mal get a quiet life together and they’re only called upon when necessary. In season 2, Mal left Alina and Alina stood by Nikolai’s side as he was crowned King of Ravka. There are also signs that she is going to be a Shadow Summoner now.

We need Netflix to renew the show before even considering the storylines. Bardugo says that the books pulled will need to add to the story.

Of course, there are also reports that there is a Crows spin-off potentially in the works. There are questions over what that will cover considering the storylines from the Crows duology already used in season 2.

Shadow and Bone season 2 is now available to stream on Netflix.

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