The Law of the Jungle season 2: Will there be another season on Netflix?

The Law of the Jungle. La Ley de La Selva. Yolanda Andrade in La Ley de La Selva. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
The Law of the Jungle. La Ley de La Selva. Yolanda Andrade in La Ley de La Selva. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

The Law of the Jungle was released on Netflix on March 15, and tons of people tuned in to watch a bunch of contestants compete in dangerous challenges in the middle of the jungle for the chance to win a hefty cash prize. Even though there are eight episodes in the first season, it doesn’t take long to finish them all since it’s such an entertaining show. And once you’re finished, you’re left wondering if there will be a second season. Luckily, you have us at Netflix Life to share everything we know about a potential The Law of the Jungle season 2.

The Law of the Jungle is a Mexican competition reality series directed by Juan Carlos Durán Crane. Additionally, Magdalena La Rotta, Samuel Duque, Silvia Durán, and Camilo Baquero signed on as executive producers of the show.

The show follows twelve strangers who must work as a team and participate in various challenges putting their physical and mental strength to the test. But knowing there’s a huge cash prize for the winners of the competition, some contestants resort to sabotage. The goal of every contestant is to try to stay in the competition as long as they can to make it to the end and hopefully get a cut of the 2 million pesos cash prize.

So, will there be The Law of the Jungle season 2 at Netflix? Here’s what we know.

Is The Law of the Jungle season 2 happening?

As of March 16, the competition reality series has not been renewed for a second season. This isn’t concerning, though, because the show just recently came out. Netflix doesn’t typically renew new series as soon as they come out. Instead, the streaming giant usually waits to see how many people watch a show in a specific time frame before deciding whether it wants to go forward with another installment.

We’re probably looking at about a month or so wait before Netflix makes a decision. The streamer will most likely look at how many people watched the first season in its first month on the platform and then make a decision from there. If the viewing hours from the first month are high enough to Netflix standards, The Law of the Jungle will likely be renewed. However, it’s important to mention that every episode of the first season must be watched for it to count. Completion rates play a significant role in a show’s renewal. Critical acclaim and production costs are also important factors in Netflix’s decision-making process, but viewing hours is the most important.

We’ll keep you updated on The Law of the Jungle‘s renewal status, so stay tuned to Netflix Life!

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