Bringing back Eddie in Stranger Things season 5 would be a MAJOR mistake

STRANGER THINGS. Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson in STRANGER THINGS. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
STRANGER THINGS. Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson in STRANGER THINGS. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 /

After nearly three years of waiting, Stranger Things season 4 premiered on Netflix with a bang, breaking viewership records, receiving critical acclaim, and shooting a song from 1985 up to the top of the charts with “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush. Additionally, the new season introduced fans to new characters who we absolutely fell in love with, including Eddie Munson, played by Joseph Quinn. The 29-year-old British actor became an overnight success, becoming an internet heartthrob worldwide and an in-demand talent. Eddie was a sweet, funny, extremely complex, and all-around incredible character, which made his death all the more devastating.

Fans predicted it (even though we didn’t want it to happen), and Eddie ended up sacrificing his life to save the rest of Hawkins in the Upside Down. He went out like a champ, performing “Master of Puppets” by Metallica on guitar to distract the demobats and giving us an iconic scene we’ll keep rewatching for years to come. But as heartbreaking as Eddie’s untimely death was, that doesn’t mean Stranger Things season 5 should bring him back. I know, you probably want him to return, but he shouldn’t.

Stranger Things has a problem killing off characters

I know this isn’t Game of Thrones, but Stranger Things really has a history of not wanting to kill off characters. We all know it. All the biggest deaths throughout the four seasons have been supporting characters who were pretty much only introduced as a plot device and predictably killed off in the end.

Just look at Barb, Bob, Alexei, and now Eddie. Yes, Eddie was the best and most developed of these characters, but he was brought on just so he could provide some laughs and ultimately save the others. Netflix lucked out in that viewers fell for Eddie fast and became obsessed, especially because that meant they could sell a ton of merchandise all around the character and his Hellfire Club. It worked out for them. But the writers always knew he’d be gone by the end of the season.

In an interview on the Happy Sad Confused podcast (via Game Rant), the Duffer Brothers stated they always saw Eddie as a “doomed character,” with Matt Duffer explaining:

"“Even imagining the flip side of that where he does survive the battle is not a great life awaiting Eddie back in the right side up either. He was always really designed from the get-go as a doomed character.”"

This show will probably never kill off a main character; they only touch the supporting characters added as plot devices. So with that said, if they were to bring back Eddie for Stranger Things season 5, the writers would be lowering the stakes even more. If a character can just come back from the dead, then why would we care if any of them die? It makes the storylines so much less serious and impactful. Main characters are off limits and supporting characters can just be revived? Then why would I be so invested?

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown criticized the Duffer Brothers after the release of season 4 part 1, calling them “two sensitive Sallies that don’t want to kill anyone off.” So if the writers do decide to kill off a character, like Eddie, let them stay dead.

Eddie had too perfect of a death scene to return

Though it’s tragic, Eddie’s death scene in Stranger Things season 4 is one of the best scenes of the entire show. Honestly, it’s one of the best scenes in Netflix history! Eddie’s concert in the Upside Down went viral instantly with millions of views on YouTube and countless tweets. The scene also skyrocketed the song “Master of Puppets” to the number one spot on the iTunes rock charts, and led to Metallica meeting Joseph Quinn at Lollapalooza and jamming out with him.

Though Eddie could’ve run away with Dustin as the demobats began to attack him, he didn’t want to be that guy anymore. His death was with great honor, and after his epic performance, it made for an incredible scene. Bringing him back in Stranger Things season 5 would take away from his death scene, making it less impactful.

Bringing back Eddie for Stranger Things season 5 would be fan service

And finally, one of the biggest reasons Stranger Things season 5 shouldn’t bring back Eddie is because it would just be to please fans! I know, I’m sorry. I love Eddie and would love to see him again, too, but the show shouldn’t give in just because people want him back.

We’ve seen so many examples of fan service in recent years, from Marvel to Star Wars and even Game of Thrones. A show or movie shouldn’t add something just because fans want it if it doesn’t help the storyline. I’m not saying there’s zero chance the writers could think of a clever way to bring back Eddie that would be compelling and worth it, but I just don’t have enough faith that it would be the case if they did.

A vision or dream of Eddie in season 5 might come off as cheesy, plus it’s overdone at this point with shows like Dexter and more recently You using that plot device. Bringing him back as a vampire — like the popular fan theory argues — might be a stretch, and would take away from the main storyline. I have trouble seeing a way his return would make sense.

Eddie Munson has a near-perfect storyline from start to finish, so let’s not ruin that in Stranger Things season 5, okay?

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