4 best Spanish-language shows on Netflix to stream in March 2023

Triptych - Triada 1. Maite Perroni in Triada Temporada 1. Cr Courtesy of Netflix/Netflix © 2022
Triptych - Triada 1. Maite Perroni in Triada Temporada 1. Cr Courtesy of Netflix/Netflix © 2022 /

We’re halfway through March and we’ve already seen many new and returning Netflix shows released. But what we’ve really been looking forward to is the new Spanish shows on Netflix. There have been several titles that instantly grabbed our attention, and we had to check them out right away. So if you’re interested in knowing what Spanish shows we’re talking about, all you have to do is continue reading to find out.

Netflix has been consistently beefing up its foreign shows section with tons of great shows. Recently, we’ve seen the release of K-Dramas such as Crash Course in RomanceThe Glory and Love to Hate You. We’ve also seen other international shows come out, like Woman at WarThe Law According to Lidia PoetClassShanty Town and many others.

There’s still so much more foreign content to look forward to throughout the rest of 2023, and we’re excited to check out every single one. But if you need something good to watch right now, we’ve got you covered by sharing some of the best Spanish shows currently streaming on Netflix.

Best Spanish shows on Netflix to stream in March 2023

The Netflix titles were about to list are Spanish-language shows.

Spanish shows on Netflix
Triptych – Triada 1. Maite Perroni in Triada Temporada 1. Cr Courtesy of Netflix/Netflix © 2022 /


If thrillers are more of your thing, Triptych will be right up your alley. It’s a Mexican series created by Dark Desire creator Leticia López Margalli. Inspired by actual events comes a show about a forensic expert named Rebecca, who embarks on a journey to uncover the truth behind her own identity after finding out she was separated at birth from her two identical sisters.

Maite Perroni stars in the leading role as Rebecca and Rebecca’s twin sisters, Aleida and Tamara. The rest of the main cast includes David Chocarro, Flavio Medina, Nuria Bages, and Ofelia Medina.

Eva Lasting - Spanish shows on Netflix
Eva Lasting – La Primera Mujer. (L to R) Emmanuel Restrepo, Brandon Figueredo, Francisca Estevez, Julian Cerati, Sergio Palau, Mateo Garcia Mazo in La Primera Mujer. Cr. Mauro Gonzalez / Netflix ©2023 /

Eva Lasting

Eva Lasting is a Colombian show targeted at teen audiences, but people of all ages will enjoy it. It’s set in the ’70s and tells the story of a mysterious teen girl who arrives at the fictional all-boys Jose Maria Root Public School and shakes things up by breaking stereotypes and teaching her classmates all about sex, love, and real life. The talented cast is made up of Francisca Estevez Navas, Emmanuel Restrepo, Mateo Garcia, Julián Cerati, Chichila Navia, Sergio Palau, Verónica Orozco, Santiago Alarcón, and Brandon Figueredo.

If you’re looking for something that’s heartfelt, emotional, and gives you feelings of nostalgia, be sure to check out Eva Lasting on Netflix.

Spanish shows on Netflix

In Love All Over Again

Next up on our list of the best Spanish shows to watch this month is In Love All Over Again. It’s a romantic drama series telling a love story that spans two decades. The story is initially set in the early 2000s. Elite‘s Georgina Amorós plays a young woman named Irene who travels to Madrid to pursue her dream of becoming a film director. While attending college in Madrid, she meets Julio (Franco Masini), and they instantly hit it off. Throughout the eight-episode series, viewers watch Irene and Julio fall in and out of love again over the course of twenty years.

In Love All Over Again is the perfect show to watch if you’re looking for something on the sentimental side and to tug at your heartstrings.

Spanish shows on Netflix
Wrong Side of the Tracks season 2 Production stillImage Courtesy Netflix /

Wrong Side of the Tracks

After you’re done watching Triptych, we recommend checking out Wrong Side of the Tracks. It’s another suspenseful thriller series that will keep you thoroughly entertained. There are two seasons available to stream on Netflix, with a third and fourth season reportedly in the works.

The show follows Tirso Abantos, a war veteran who hates the drug dealers trying to overtake his neighborhood. But he becomes extremely fed-up when his own teenage granddaughter falls victim to the crime world and is led astray by them.

José Coronado, Nona Sobo, Luis Zahera, Felipe Londoño, Laura Ramos, Franky Martín, Manolo Caro, and many others star in the Spanish series.

What Spanish shows on Netflix will you be watching this month? Let us know in the comment section below!

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