Is Aftersun on Netflix? (Where to watch)

Aftersun - Paul Mescal
Aftersun - Paul Mescal /

One of the best and most powerful films of 2022 might’ve flown under your radar, and that’s Aftersun. The drama was written and directed by Charlotte Wells, following a father and daughter visiting Turkey on their summer holiday. The movie is a slow burn, exploring the relationship between the young dad suffering from depression and his hopeful 11-year-old daughter who adores him. Aftersun stars Paul Mescal and Frankie Corio as Calum and Sophie, respectively. Mescal received an Academy Award nomination for his portrayal, and Corio has been applauded for her impressive performance as well.

Ahead of the 2023 Oscars, Aftersun has already picked up a few prestigious awards, with Wells receiving the Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director, or Producer award at the BAFTAs, as well as the award for Best First Feature at the Film Independent Spirit Awards.

If you haven’t watched Aftersun yet, what are you waiting for? Here’s where you can watch it right now.

Where to watch Aftersun

Aftersun was first released in theaters on Oct. 21, 2022, and is still playing in theaters in select locations. If you’d rather watch the movie at home or if it’s not playing at a theater near you, it’s currently available to purchase or rent on Amazon Prime Video and AppleTV+.

The movie is only available on VOD right now, but we hope it’ll come to streaming soon. Considering it’s an A24 movie, it’ll most likely be added to Showtime. The two companies signed an exclusive output deal back in 2019, and 2022 A24 movies like Everything Everywhere All at Once, X, and Men are all available on the network. If you aren’t subscribed to Showtime through cable, you can sign up for an account and watch it via the website or app. Paramount Plus also has a Showtime add-on you can sign up for.

Mescal is up against some stiff competition at the Academy Awards, but the fact that he’s nominated for one of his first movies ever is pretty amazing. Haven’t watched the trailer for Aftersun yet? Check it out below:

Aftersun is truly a beautiful, devastating movie that I highly recommend.

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