Do they show animal deaths or cruelty in Netflix’s Outlast?

Outlast. Justin Court in Episode 5 of Outlast. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Outlast. Justin Court in Episode 5 of Outlast. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Outlast is a new survival reality competition series on Netflix in the vein of shows like Alone and Survivor. Sixteen competitors are dropped down in the frigid Alaskan wilderness and must survive for several weeks with only a minimal amount of supplies and whatever they can find in nature. They must hunt, forage, make fires, and craft shelter to win and outlast the competition.

What sets Outlast apart from other competition shows in the survival genre is that these contestants cannot compete as individuals. They must be part of a team to have a chance at winning. If they aren’t on a team, or if all of their teammates get eliminated, they have to join a new team ASAP or risk being sent home.

Given the nature of a show like Outlast, some competitors will need to hunt, catch crabs, and fish for food, meaning the series will contend with killing animals and fish for survival. If you’ve seen other shows like this one, you know what that entails.

Mild spoilers ahead for Outlast on Netflix

Sometimes television shows the contestants killing animals on-screen. There have been lawsuits, with organizations like PETA being outspoken against allowing people to kill animals for reality television and entertainment.

Do they show animal deaths or cruelty in Netflix’s Outlast?

Outlast does show the death of a squirrel in one episode. One of the contestants is a skilled archer who shoots a squirrel down from a tree. It’s a little disturbing to watch because she doesn’t kill the squirrel in the first shot, and you can hear the animal screaming.

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That said, it’s not explicit. The camera doesn’t show any blood or close-ups of the dying squirrel, but you can see its body. The scene might disturb viewers who don’t like seeing harm done to animals.

There are also scenes showing the competitors catching crabs in crab traps. Later in the season, the show also features a fishing expedition from two camps, and they do catch several fish and show close-ups of the dead/dying fish. Overall, Outlast is pretty tame regarding what it shows of animal deaths, but it’s nice to get a warning if that sort of thing bothers you.

Beyond that, contestants discuss hunting other animals like deer and even bears, but we never see any of that happen on-screen. Actually, I don’t think anyone manages to hunt other animals beyond the squirrel and the fish unless it was cut for time.

Outlast season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

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