What is Outlast on Netflix about?

Outlast. (L to R) Amber Asay and Jill Ashock in Episode 7 of Outlast. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Outlast. (L to R) Amber Asay and Jill Ashock in Episode 7 of Outlast. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Netflix is home to tons of reality TV shows that not only entertain us but also challenge us to think differently. One of those shows that we believe fits this bill is Outlast, a title that is sure to acquire many fans, so we want to tell you all about it!

Here’s everything to know about the Netflix original series.

Outlast synopsis

Outlast is a survivalist show that puts 16 competitors out in the wild to fend for themselves against harsh weather and even harsher conditions. With so much on the line—a considerable cash prize of $1 million—they must find a way to get along and work on teams despite their different outlooks on survival.

Should they figure it out, they will go home wealthier than they were before. But they will go home empty-handed if they can’t set aside their egos and work together. The twist on Outlast is that the competitors must work on a team and cannot win the competition as lone wolves.

See all this and more in the official trailer for Outlast below.

Now that you know a little more, you probably have déjà vu, wondering where exactly you’ve seen a title like this before. Here’s why.

How similar is Outlast to Alone?

Outlast is similar to Alone in that both focus on survival in the wilderness. The significant difference between the two, however, is that Alone has its competitors survive independently instead of working with a team.

Here’s a trailer for the eighth season of the title, which is currently available to watch on Netflix.

This is a very large difference since teammates in Outlast don’t have the choice to be a lone wolf and must cooperate with their fellow competitors by joining teams to win. Whereas in Alone, the number of competitors dwindles over time, as only the toughest single competitor wins.

If Alone is right up your alley after streaming Outlast, then you’re all good to go! But if you’re looking for even more similar titles on Netflix, here are some recommendations that we think are perfect for you.

  • 60 Days In (2020)
  • Snowflake Mountain (2022)
  • Southern Survival (2020)
  • The Mole (2022)
  • Win in the Wilderness (2020)
  • You vs Wild (2019)

Don’t forget to check out Outlast streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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