Will Scream 6 be on Netflix after theaters?

The highly-anticipated sixth film in the Scream franchise is finally here! Scream 6 marks an interesting turn for the franchise since it will be devoid of two pivotal characters: Sidney Prescott and Dewey Riley. Neve Campbell opted not to return for the movie, while David Arquette’s beloved character was killed off in the fifth Scream.

On the plus side, Courteney Cox will be back as the lovable reporter Gale Weathers, and another fan-favorite character, Kirby (Hayden Panettiere), who was introduced in Scream 4, is also going to be back in the sixth film. Beyond that, fans are excited to see breakout star Jenna Ortega in another Scream film as she returns to play Tara Carpenter.

Ortega will be joined by other returning castmates like her on-screen sister Melissa Barrera, Jasmin Savoy-Brown, Mason Gooding, and more. So even though Scream 6 is the first to not feature vital legacy characters like Sidney and Dewey, fans are still looking forward to what this movie has to offer, and early critical reception has been positive. So where can you watch Scream 6? Will it be on Netflix after theaters?

Will Scream 6 be on Netflix?

It’s unlikely that Scream 6 will be on Netflix anytime soon. The streaming service used to have Scream 4, but it only had the rights to the movie for a few months before it was removed. If Scream 6 is ever added to the service, it probably won’t be for several more years.

On the plus side, Netflix subscribers can watch the Scream TV series that ran on MTV and VH1 for several seasons. But that’s the only thing from the Scream franchise currently available on Netflix.

Where will Scream 6 stream after theaters?

Since Scream 6 is being distributed by Paramount Pictures, expect the film to eventually stream on the Paramount+ streaming service. For now, the only way to watch the latest movie in the slasher franchise is by going to your local theater. Find out when and where the movie is playing near you.

Where to watch Scream movies

All of the Scream movies are currently streaming on Paramount+.