Perfect Match winners Georgia and Dom trade barbs on social media (a full breakdown of their drama)

Perfect Match. Georgia Hassarati in episode 05 of Perfect Match. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix / © 2023 Netflix, Inc.
Perfect Match. Georgia Hassarati in episode 05 of Perfect Match. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix / © 2023 Netflix, Inc. /

Things are heating up off-screen with the Perfect Match cast as the (spoiler!) winning couple is now trading barbs via social media. Georgia Hassareti and Dom Gabriel won the show and were dubbed the “perfect match,” but their relationship didn’t last long. The two broke up shortly after filming, and Georgia has since rekindled the relationship with Too Hot to Handle star Harry Jowsey.

Apparently, Georgia didn’t appreciate what Dom said about her and the way their relationship ended in the recent “where are they now” segment shared by Netflix. During his interview, Dom alluded to Georgia going back to Harry on a podcast, which he claims he didn’t know the extent of until it came out.

Georgia then went on Instagram (and TikTok) to post a long written post calling Dom shady and saying he was out to dinner with their other castmate Ines Tazi and didn’t tell her, seemingly suggesting he might have cheated on her with Ines. She also claimed Dom was now dating Ines and thinks that’s messy.

Perfect Match winners Georgia and Dom go at it in a heated social media fight

In the video, Georgia says Dom had never spoken to her about having issues with the “title of a podcast I had no say in creating.”

She then goes on to claim Dom only followed her a few days ago for attention and thinks he’s letting Francesca Farago manipulate him. Francesca and Dom originally matched on the show, but Francesca later chose Damian Powers over Dom. However, since then, Francesca and Dom have shared several social media posts together and appear to be close friends, and Francesca has been in a serious relationship with Jesse Sullivan for a while now.

Georgia compares Francesca unfavorably to Kris Jenner, who is known for being a public relations strategist.

“We saw each other a few weeks ago with the rest of the cast we spoke and hugged, you were lovely and said no mention of any concerns. We messaged after seeing each other that night in the days following and you were normal over message. But conveniently stopped replying when you started hanging out with Francesca again. Coincidence? I think not. Kris Jenner works hard but Francesca works harder,” Georgia writes.

She then goes on to say that Dom is coming off fake and that his “lies” and twisted narrative have taken a toll on her mental health and she’ll be stepping away from social media.

Perfect Match: Dom’s side of the story

Well, now Dom has fired back at Georgia via his Instagram stories, and he’s brought text receipts. The texts shared by Dom seem to contradict some of Georgia’s claims. For instance, he says that he didn’t have an issue with the podcast, (I think the podcast they’re referring to is when Georgia went on Harry’s Tap In podcast last April) at the time and shows a text conversation where he appears to ask Georgia how the podcast went.

“Why would I speak about having issues afterwards when I asked how the podcast went right after? But you failed to mention me on the podcast and I didn’t find out until after,” says his caption.

Another text thread from April 2022 reportedly shows Dom inviting Georgia to dinner with some of their managers and castmates, including Zay Wilson and Ines Tazi. He also says he is “very f*cking single,” and therefore not dating Ines like Georgia claims.

The next story shows supposed messages from Georgia asking Dom about the Netflix prize money. Apparently, they broke up before even going on their winning vacation, and I’m assuming Netflix offered to reimburse them with money instead.

Dom suggests that all Georgia cared about was the prize money because she hadn’t reached out to him in a while and only connected over the cash and through PR.

Dom tells Georgia not to bring her ‘weird tension’ with Francesca Farago into it

As for the Francesca comments made by Georgia, Dom asked Georgia not to bring him into the “weird tension” the two women have with each other. He also says it wasn’t Fran’s place to discuss their (Georgia and Dom’s) relationship on her recent podcast appearance (Fran went on two podcasts recently to discuss the show, Nick Viall’s The Viall Files and Almost Adulting with Violet Benson).

Dom wrote the following:

"“Why would I reach out for clarification?! When you did the podcast, ghosted me. Spent the whole Coachella weekend with that dude. Then I saw the podcast. With said title an In the podcast you said ‘I like toxic guys I lead guys on all the time,’ spoke about me etc.) posting stories and pics.No more clarification needed. LOL what more clarification would I need. ‘Hey just to follow up after you ghosted me, are we still together or are you dating the guy you’re taking vacations with?’I unfollowed you two days ago. Because I completed my contract. I obey my contract and what Netflix PR asks of me. Show was over people knew we weren’t together now I can move on. Unlike others who disobey PR by posting their relationships.”"

That last line is clearly a jab at Georgia who has been openly posting about her relationship with Harry while Perfect Match was still airing. I actually thought that was a bit odd myself as generally, Netflix asks contestants not to reveal any information about their relationships until the show is over. I assume she did not have to sign an NDA.

Georgia fires back, tells Dom to post ‘the whole thing’

But further complicating matters is Georgia hitting back in her stories and sharing a screenshot of a message she sent to Dom in September congratulating him on The Mole and wishing him the best.

“Gonna leave this message out?” Georgia writes.

For context, Perfect Match was filmed over a year ago, back in the early months of 2022. The Mole was filmed before that but did not release until October 2022, which would have followed Dom and Georgia’s relationship and break-up.

Then she shared her own screenshot of the prize money conversation on her Instagram stories, including a few extra messages that show Dom replying to her and saying it’s “worth giving it a go,” to ask Netflix to give them more money for the trip they never took.

“Post the whole thing,” says Georgia’s caption.

However, Georgia has since deleted the screenshot about the prize money, and she also deleted her TikTok video.

Ines Tazi chimes in on the Georgia/Dom feud

Since Ines was mentioned in the initial posts between Georgia and Dom, it’s understandable that Ines would have something to say about it all.

In her Instagram story, she wrote:

"Not everything need to be drama & toxicity. This is always what I wanted to avoid in this digital/reality TV culture. My relationship with Dom is a PLATONIC, unconditional (&loyal) friendship love. Deflecting wrongdoings on others is petty & undeserving. The culture of gossip & mocking is the illness of our society. I want to believe that there are ways to make the entertainment/digital industry a healthier environment for all. We have the responsibility to set an example. And I want to be a apart of that culture of bettering.."

I don’t know about you guys, but this drama is more interesting than basically anything that happened on-screen. Still, at this point, they should probably both log off and maybe everyone should stop making podcast appearances. Or not. We’re all invested in this drama now.

I’ll try to keep this post updated with the latest from everyone involved.

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