Sex/Life season 2 refresher: Who is Caroline?

Sex/Life. Meghan Heffern as Caroline in episode 204 of Sex/Life. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Sex/Life. Meghan Heffern as Caroline in episode 204 of Sex/Life. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Sex/Life has a lot of characters to keep track of between the main characters, newcomers, and recurring characters, so it’s easy to get confused especially if you haven’t seen season 1 since it premiered back in 2021. One character that might throw you for a loop is Caroline, who pops up about halfway through Sex/Life season 2.

For those who need a refresher: Caroline (Meghan Heffern) is one of the moms who tries befriending Billie in season 1. Their kids attend the same school. She’s known for being a bit of a prude, even going so far as to say she hates sex. Toward the end of season 1, Trina tells Caroline that Billie and Cooper convinced her and Devon to go to a sex party, though we know the opposite is true, making Billie out to be some scandalous troublemaker.

Caroline turns on Billlie, but by the end of the season, the two seem to be working towards rekindling a friendship as we last see Caroline allowing her kids to play with Billlie’s son again in school.

In Sex/Life season 2, Caroline returns and appears to be on much better terms with Billie.

Who plays Caroline in Sex/Life season 2?

Born on October 3, 1983, Meghan Heffern is a 39-year-old Canadian actress from Edmonton, Alberta. Meghan is a talented performer who has been acting since 2004 when she got her start in the comedy horror film Insecticidal. Since then, she has had recurring roles in shows like Blue Mountain StateDegrassi: The Next GenerationUnREAL, Wynonna Earp, and more.

She also had a main role in the Canadian web comedy series How to Buy a Baby and has starred in films like the 2005 remake of The Fog and the 2009 thriller Chloe starring Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore. Most recently she starred in The Way to the Heart and When Christmas Was Young.

Make sure to watch Sex/Life season 2 to see Meghan in action! The new season is now streaming exclusively on Netflix. 

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