Is Burlesque on Netflix?

Maybe one of the most underrated movie musicals of all time, Burlesque stars music icons Cher and Christina Aguilera in a glitzy, glamorous spectacular. Full of dancing, catchy songs and an unexpected lesson in air rights, it’s a tried-and-true fan-favorite guilty pleasure.

Although Burlesque wasn’t exactly well-received by critics (they’re not known to always get it right, to be honest), the film was nominated for three Golden Globe Awards and two Grammy Awards. Not to mention, its impact has been proven in queer culture in the decade after its release.

Grammy Award winner Christina Aguilera stars in Burlesque as aspiring singer and performer Ali, who finally decides to quit her dead-end job in Iowa and follow her dreams in Los Angeles. When she lands in a burlesque club, she quickly convinces its owner, Tess (Academy Award winner Cher), to give her a shot to help save the struggling club.

Burlesque has been available to watch on Netflix in the past, but can fans watch the movie on the streaming service right now, or will they have to search elsewhere?

Is Burlesque on Netflix?

Great news! Burlesque is returning to Netflix on Wednesday, March 1. Sony, which owns the film, recently struck a deal with Netflix for its latest releases. Many of past Sony favorites, including the backstage musical and teen comedy Easy A.

The movie will be released on Netflix on March 1 at 12 a.m. PT and 3 a.m. ET. If you’re willing to stay up late and watch one of the arguably best comfort movies out there, check out Burlesque and its excellent music the moment it drops — or wait to watch a little later.

Because of the unpredicatable nature of movies coming and going on Netflix, don’t miss your chance to watch the 2011 cult classic while it’s currently streaming on Netflix. After all, nothing gets better than Cher and Xtina sharing the screen in song.

Will you be watching Burlesque while it’s available on Netflix?