Is The Consultant on Netflix? (Where to stream the series)

The Consultant -- Courtesy of Prime Video
The Consultant -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

The Consultant is now available to binge-watch online. It stars Christoph Waltz in a twisty workplace dramedy. Where can you stream the episodes? Are they on Netflix?

If you’re looking for a workplace series with a twist, you certainly want to turn your attention to the new show called The Consultant. It stars Christoph Waltz as Regus Patoff in the new series, and yes, he’s everything you would expect him to be considering everything you’ve seen in the past.

The series follows the staff of an app-based gaming company called CompWare. It is a successful business, and then suddenly the CEO kills himself. A new consultant comes in to help solve some of the problems within the company, bringing new demands and challenges.

Of course, everyone can see that there is something seriously wrong. Now their lives may be on the line, and they need to figure out who Regus Patoff is.

Is The Consultant streaming on Netflix?

The new series is available to binge-watch in full. The bad news is that you can’t watch it on Netflix.

This is an Amazon Original Series, and the only place to watch it right now is Prime Video. It’s unlikely that the series will leave the Amazon streaming platform. There is no need for Amazon to remove its original content. We are seeing a few streaming platforms do this, but Amazon hasn’t been one of them.

You can sign up for a Prime Video free trial for a month. After that, the subscription is paid either yearly or monthly. It depends on which one you prefer. If you sign up annually, you get it slightly cheaper over the course of the year.

The Consultant is available to stream on full on Prime Video.

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