Outer Banks season 4 rumor teases filming start and production timeline

Outer Banks. (L to R) Chase Stokes as John B, Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron in episode 302 of Outer Banks. Cr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2023
Outer Banks. (L to R) Chase Stokes as John B, Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron in episode 302 of Outer Banks. Cr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2023 /

Outer Banks season 3 is officially the biggest show on Netflix at the end of February 2023. The third season of the Netflix original series just premiered, and fans around the world are already wondering about Outer Banks season 4.

Luckily, Netflix already confirmed season 4 is happening. Now, it’s just a matter of being patient and waiting for that new season to arrive.

Thankfully, there’s already a new rumor about Outer Banks season 4, and if it’s true, I think fans will be pretty happy.

Outer Banks season 4 rumor

It’s still early days, but the speculation and news about Outer Banks season 4 has already started. Deux Moi posted a new rumor about Outer Banks season 4 that reads:

"“Hi. For any OBX fans since S3 just dropped – they just got picked up for S4. Production starts end of May. They’ll be in South Carolina until the end of the year.”"

Obviously, Netflix and the cast and crew haven’t confirmed this information yet, and we’ll likely have to wait for a while until we know for sure if this information is true.

If it’s true, this would be the quickest the cast and crew returned to work after a new season dropped.

What the rumor means for the Outer Banks season 4 release

If the rumor is true, this is great news for fans of the series. Netflix renewed Outer Banks for season 4 prior to the release of season 3. Hopefully, that let the creative team get to work on planning and writing season 4. That’s what would have had to happen for production to get rolling this quickly.

Back in 2021, a report confirmed they were already working on season 4, which was welcome news for fans back then. It appears that work upfront is paying off, and it could result in a smaller gap between season 3 and season 4 of the series.

So far, and mostly because of the pandemic, we’ve had significant gaps between seasons of Outer Banks. We waited about 15 months between season 1 and season 2, and there were about 19 months between season 2 and season 3.

If production gets rolling in May or June 2023 and they wrap by the end of the year, we could definitely see Outer Banks season 4 on Netflix in the spring of 2024. That’s a bit earlier than I think anyone was expecting, but it’s definitely possible if the rumor is accurate.

Rumored Production Timeline: 

  • Filming Starts: May 2023 
  • Production Ends: November or December 2023

There are still a lot of unknowns and variables in play. Production delays can happen, and that would obviously push any expected release back.

The other thing fans have to worry about is Netflix holding Outer Banks season 4 until the perfect time. We know this happens from time to time with Netflix shows. They don’t always roll everything out as soon as it’s done.

Outer Banks works really well as a summer show. I think season 3 was great, and I loved it, but there was something magical about season 2 when it dropped in July 2021.

The kicker here is that everyone (well, mostly everyone) thinks Stranger Things season 5 is coming in the summer of 2024. While Netflix could drop both shows around the same time, Outer Banks and Stranger Things are two of Netflix’s biggest shows. I don’t think they the new seasons will drop that close to each other.

For now, let’s just hope this rumor is right and Outer Banks season 4 is starting production soon. Then, if that’s the case, we won’t have to wait a super long time until season 4 hits Netflix.

We’ll share more updates about Outer Banks season 4 as we find out. Outer Banks is one of the best shows on Netflix right now. If you need more shows to watch, we also have a list of shows to watch while you wait for season 4.

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