Perfect Match Will Richardson age, Instagram, TikTok, height, job, where you know him from, and more

The Mole. Will Richardson in episode 110 of The Mole. Cr. James Gourley/Netflix © 2022
The Mole. Will Richardson in episode 110 of The Mole. Cr. James Gourley/Netflix © 2022 /

The Mole season 1 winner, Will Richardson is back to compete in yet another Netflix competition series! Will he find love on Perfect Match?

Given Will’s competitive nature and strategic outlook, his win on The Mole seemed inevitable from the start of the show. But on Perfect Match, the rules and the goals are much different. Can Will once again become the winner?

Along with another veteran of The Mole, Dom Gabriel, Will is joined by several Netflix reality stars from shows like Love is Blind, Too Hot to Handle, and The Ultimatum. Will those who have competed on dating shows already have a leg up?

If you’re curious to learn more about Will Richardson, keep reading to learn his age, height, where to follow him on social media, and more!

How old is Will from Perfect Match? Will Richardson’s age

Will’s birthday is unknown, but he was 29 when he competed on The Mole, meaning he’s probably at least 30 now.

How tall is Will from Perfect Match? Will Richardson’s height

Nicknamed “Thor” due to his long blond hair and tall stature, it’s not surprising to learn that Will towers over many of his contestants at 6 feet 5 inches! He’s very athletic and spends a great deal of time working out. Those who watched The Mole know just how competitive and adept at physical challenges Will can be.

Perfect Match star Will Richardson’s job

It’s not entirely clear what Will does as work, but his job on The Mole was described as “lifestyle brand manager” for athletes. Based on his social media, it looks like he’s continuing to worth in the sports industry, and he’s also embraced being a digital creator and television personality.

Perfect Match Will Richardson’s Instagram

Since Perfect Match has premiered, Will has become more active on his Instagram account @williamj, where he currently has over 41k followers. Several of his castmates have left supportive comments on his posts, including Joey Sasso, Calvin Crooks, Izzy Fairthorne, and more. It looks like many of the cast members are still close!

Perfect Match Will Richardson’s TikTok

Will has a TikTok @thewilliamjames, but he’s not very active on the account. His last post was from 2022.

Will Richardson is one of several new contestants joining the game of Perfect Match this week. Don’t miss out on new episodes when they premiere on February 21, only on Netflix.

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