A Girl and an Astronaut cast: Who’s in the Polish sci-fi series?

A Girl and an Astronaut. Kuba Sasak as Bogdan Rosa and Vanessa Aleksander as Marta in A Girl and an Astronaut. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
A Girl and an Astronaut. Kuba Sasak as Bogdan Rosa and Vanessa Aleksander as Marta in A Girl and an Astronaut. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 /

Netflix released the sci-fi series A Girl and an Astronaut on Feb. 17, and you might want to add it to your lineup of shows to watch this weekend. It’s an easy watch with there being only six episodes. So you’ll be finished and on to the next show before you know it.

A Girl and an Astronaut is a Polish Netflix original created by Bartosz Prokopowicz. It centers on a love triangle between a woman named Marta and two friends and F-16 pilots Nikodem and Bogdan. While competing to win Marta’s heart, Nikodem and Bogdan also compete for a spot on a space expedition. Nikodem ends up securing the spot in the space program but doesn’t return from his trip until 30 years later because of an unexplained failure.

When Nikodem returns to Earth, everyone notices how he hasn’t aged, but he’s only focused on winning Marta back. Then, there’s a corporation determined to figure out why Nikodem hasn’t aged at all. Will Nikodem and Marta get their happy ending? Find out by watching A Girl and an Astronaut on Netflix.

Below, you’ll find the cast list for A Girl and an Astronaut.

A Girl and an Astronaut cast

Magdalena Cielecka stars in the leading role of Marta. However, she plays the older version of the character. You might know Magdalena from her previous roles in PokuszenieAmokZakochani, The DisappearanceThe Teacher and Venice.

Vanessa Alexander plays a young Marta. She’s known for roles in Legendy Polskie SmokWojenne dziewczynyBelle EpoqueThe Office PLKrucjata and The Hater.

Andrzej Chyra portrays a much older Bogdan. You might recognize him from his roles in DlugKomornikWszyscy jestesmy ChrystusamiCracow MonstersLeave No Traces and In the Name Of.

Jędrzej Hycnar portrays the role of Nikodem in the sci-fi series. He’s known for his roles in Ludzie i bogowieThe Elements of Sasza – FireOsieckaZakochani po uszyControl and Glitter.

Jakub Sasak plays a young Bogdan. He’s best known for his previous roles in Papiery na szczescieRavenDrogi wolnosciMaly zgonLesniczówkaPrzyjaciólki and Into the Wind.

Here’s the main cast list right below:

  • Magdalena Cielecka as older Marta
  • Vanessa Alexander as young Marta
  • Andrzej Chyra as older Bogdan
  • Jędrzej Hycnar as Nikodem
  • Jakub Sasak as young Bogdan
  • Zofia Jastrzebska as Mloda Karolina Borowska
  • Anna Cieslak as Starsza Karolina Borowska
  • Daria Polunina as Nadia

You can check out the show’s IMDb page to see the complete cast list.

A Girl and an Astronaut is now available to stream on Netflix. Will you be watching the new sci-fi series?

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