Is Squid Game season 2 coming in 2023?

Squid Game - Courtesy of Netflix/Youngkyu Park
Squid Game - Courtesy of Netflix/Youngkyu Park /

Squid Game premiered on Netflix back in September 2021, and ever since the show’s official renewal in June 2022, we’ve been patiently waiting for the Korean survival drama series to make its return with a second season. It seems like we’ve constantly been getting the runaround on when Squid Game season 2 will come out, but we understand that with a show like this, a lot goes into making it. We’re just really excited and looking forward to seeing how the story will continue in the second season. That’s all!

Squid Game was an instant hit when it was released on Netflix in 2021. It received critical acclaim, and people all over the globe tuned in to watch the Korean series. In fact, the show was watched by more than 142 million households and garnered 1.65 billion viewing hours in just its first four weeks on the streamer, taking the crown from Bridgerton as Netflix’s most-watched series.

It’s not surprising that the show was a success. It has a unique plot, the acting is great, and it’s very entertaining. You’ll become hooked from the first episode and want to watch it to the end. And with how the first season ended, fans are more than ready to see the survival drama return.

But when will Squid Game season 2 come out? Could the new season make its way to Netflix in 2023? Luckily, the show’s leading star Lee Jung-jae revealed some juicy deets about the upcoming season in a recent interview with Ilgan Sports.

When is Squid Game season 2 filming?

Lee Jung-jae spoke with llgan Sports while on the set of the upcoming Disney+ series Star Wars: The Acolyte and said that production on Squid Game season 2 will begin in the summer of 2023 and will likely last for about 10 months. He continues and says, “We were working on season 1 for about 10 months as well, but that was with delays caused by COVID-19. But seeing as season 2 will be bigger in scale, it will probably take longer to complete.”

If principal photography takes 10 months, the cameras won’t stop rolling until sometime in the spring of 2024. Afterward, we’re most likely looking at a lengthy post-production process before the new episodes arrive on Netflix.

Squid Game season 2 release date predictions

Previously, it was reported that Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk was shooting for a late 2023 or early 2024 release. However, with this new production schedule, we could throw those out. But this doesn’t mean we can’t still see the new season in 2024.

There’s a good chance Squid Game season 2 could be released in late 2024 because post-production should be able to finish up in time to make a late 2024 release. It’s even possible that Netflix could give it a Christmas release. The streaming giant typically gives one of its biggest shows a Christmas release, and Squid Game definitely fits the criteria. However, we believe the latest we could see the second season is early 2025. Any later than that just wouldn’t make any sense.

Remember, these are only our release date predictions, and the new season could come earlier or later than what we predicted. Once Netflix announces the official release date, we’ll let you know right away.

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