What happened between Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee on Love is Blind?

Love Is Blind. (L to R) Natalie Lee, Shayne Jansen in season 2 of Love Is Blind. Cr. Netflix © 2022
Love Is Blind. (L to R) Natalie Lee, Shayne Jansen in season 2 of Love Is Blind. Cr. Netflix © 2022 /

Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee are two of the biggest stars of the hit reality TV series, Love is Blind.

With Shayne Jansen making an appearance on the new Netflix reality series, Perfect Match, fans are understanably curious about what happened with Shayne and Natalie on Love is Blind and since the couple was featured on Love is Blind: After the Altar season 2.

Do Shayne and Natalie get engaged on Love is Blind?

Shayne and Natalie do get engaged on Love is Blind season 2. Throughout the season, they seemed like one of the strongest couples and a lock to actually go through with it and get married in the season finale.

There were some speed bumps, though. Shayne’s connection with Shaina, Shaina’s insistence on inserting herself in Natalie and Shayne’s relationship, and Shayne’s decision-making were big storylines in the show.

Still, things looked good when they walked down the aisle.

Do Shayne and Natalie get married on Love is Blind?

The couple made it to the altar during their season of the hit Netflix series. While Shayne said “I do” on their potential wedding day, Natalie said “I don’t,” basically.

As we learned during the finale and since the season ended, Natalie and Shayne had a big fight the night before the wedding, and the cracks in their relationship became bigger. Still, Shayne said he was ready to get married, but Natalie decided the time was not right.

They broke up at the altar in Love is Blind season 2, but that was not the end of their story.

Are Shayne and Natalie from Love is Blind season 2 still together?

If it wasn’t obvious that they are not together with Shayne appearing on another Netflix dating show, no, Shayne and Natalie are not still together.

Based on the information we know, it’s hard to say exactly when Natalie and Shayne officially called it quits.

According to People, the couple tried to make things work after the finale of Love is Blind season 2, but they were not together when Love is Blind: After the Altar season 2 was filmed in the winter of 2021 and 2022.

In November 2022, Natalie confirmed to E! News that she had moved on and was casually dating other people. She is not signed up for any future Netflix reality shows that we know of.

Shayne is a contestant on Netflix’s Perfect Match

Shayne, on the other hand, is on another Netflix reality show. Perfect Match premiered on Netflix on Valentine’s Day 2023. There are four episodes available now, and the remaining episodes follow a weekly release schedule on the streaming service.

Shayne is one of the first 10 contestants on the series, which brings contestants from other Netflix original reality shows together. Surprisingly, Shayne is the only contestant from Love is Blind, Netflix’s biggest reality show, when the series begins.

Joining Shayne on the beach for Perfect Match are Joey, Savannah, Nick, and Ines from The Circle, Kariselle from Sexy Beasts, Dom from The Mole, Francesca from Too Hot to Handle, Zay from The Ultimatum, and Anne-Sophie from Selling Tampa.

As it turns out, Natalie said Shayne signed up for Perfect Match while they were still together, according to EW.


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