Queen Charlotte season 1 release date hints at delay for Bridgerton season 3

Bridgerton. Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington in episode 204 of Bridgerton. Cr. Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2022
Bridgerton. Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington in episode 204 of Bridgerton. Cr. Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2022 /

2023 promises to be quite a big year for Netflix’s Bridgerton franchise and the fans who have helped to make the franchise one of Netflix’s most successful franchises yet!

This year, Netflix’s hit series is expected to return for its highly anticipated third season which will explore the love story between Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington. It’s a move that will see the show breaking the formula it’s followed thus far by skipping ahead in the book series by Julia Quinn which inspired the show in adapting the events of the fourth book in the franchise, Romancing Mister Bridgerton. 

In addition to bringing a new season of Bridgerton, 2023 is also set to see the world of Bridgerton expand in a new way with Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton StoryThe new limited series will look to explore the Bridgerton franchise in a new light by turning back the hands of time to explore the life of young Queen Charlotte. The new series promises to peel back the layers of Bridgerton‘s fan-favorite queen with a look at how she rose to power and fell in love with King George.

The new series is slated to arrive on Netflix on May 4, 2023, which is exciting news for fans eager for new content from the Bridgerton franchise. The series is the first to be confirmed for May and is expected to help kick off what will be an amazing summer slate for Netflix, and fans are already counting down the days until the show’s return.

While it’s exciting to finally know when Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story will arrive, with Queen Charlotte season 1 confirmed for early May, it’s looking highly likely Bridgerton season 3 has been delayed until the final half of 2023.

Bridgerton season 3 release date updates (Feb. 14, 2023)

As of February 2023, Netlfix has yet to announce a premiere date for Bridgerton season 3; however, the odds of the show returning in the first half of the year are looking less and less likely.

With Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story season 1 set to premiere in early May, it’s looking likely that Netlfix will be holding Bridgerton season 3 for the second half of the year. We say this because Netflix has traditionally put at least a few months between new seasons of shows set within the same universe rather than burning through them in a short window of time. Take The Witcher franchise for example.

When Netlfix opted to schedule The Witcher: Blood Origin for release on Dec. 25, 2022, it also announced that The Witcher would be coming in summer 2023 — meaning at least 5-6 months will be put between the two shows.

Given that Queen Charlotte season 1 will be coming on May 4, it seems highly likely Bridgerton season 3 will not arrive on Netflix until at least October.

Now it’s possible that Netlfix could look to release the season during the month of October or November, but what’s starting to look more likely is that season 3 will be held for December 2023. As fans will recall, Bridgerton season 1 was released on Christmas Day 2020. So holding season 3 for Christmas Day 2023 could be a perfect move for Netflix.

Of course, this is all speculation and we’ll have to wait for Netflix to confirm the release date; however, we’d be shocked if season 3 was released before the second half of the year.

In the meantime, fans can stream Bridgerton seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix.

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