Netflix Re/Member: What does the Re/Member post-credits scene mean?

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Re/Member - Cr: Netflix. /

Post-credits scenes are a dime a dozen nowadays, mostly thanks to superhero movies and Hollywood’s obsession with creating sequels and franchises. However, it’s still uncommon for horror films to include them. I was pleasantly surprised by the Re/Member post-credits scene, as it posed unsettling ramifications for the movie’s ending and a potential sequel.

It should go without saying, but if you haven’t watched the teen horror flick Re/Member on Netflix, you’ll want to stop reading now as we’ll be discussing important plot points from the movie and its ending.

Spoilers ahead for Netflix Re/Member 

Based on a popular manga, Re/Member is a chilling story about a group of high schoolers who get trapped overnight inside their high school and stuck in a time loop until they complete a game of “Body Search.” The game’s rules are simple enough, albeit twisted. They have to find the dismembered body parts of an unknown victim hidden throughout the school.

During their unorthodox scavenger hunt, all six teenagers are stalked by a malevolent entity known as the “Red Person.” Each night, the Red Person kills them one by one as they search, and they have to keep repeating the day until they find all the body parts and reassemble them in a coffin.

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In the end, the teens defeat the Red Person and end the game. Unfortunately, another caveat of the game is that you lose all of your memories of it afterward and, therefore, the friendships they made with each other. However, there are loopholes, as proven by Takahiro remembering Asuka after he sees her drop his pin and fulfills his promise to find her again. Awe.

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It’s a surprisingly happy ending for a horror movie, or so it seems…until you watch the Re/Member post-credits scene.

What does the Re/Member post-credits scene mean?

We witnessed the violent murder of 8-year-old Miko Onoyama in her family’s vacation home at the beginning of the movie. Miko becomes the Red Person, and it’s her body that the teens must find in the school.

The Re/Member post-credits scene shows a newspaper article reporting Miko’s murder changing into a new story. Instead of Miko, the new article is about the death of a different 8-year-old girl named Asuka Morisaki, who was killed in an amusement park. This ending suggests that the film’s protagonist Asuka is the next victim and Red Person in what will become a new game of Body Search.

Does the Re/Member post-credits scene mean that Asuka dies?

Since Body Search is all about a time loop, it stands to reason that whatever being is controlling the game can time travel and manipulate time however it sees fit. We can assume that this entity will travel back to the past and kill little 8-year-old Asuka, turning her into the next “body” to be discovered in the game.

Will there be a Re/Member sequel?

The post-credits scene suggests a possibility for a sequel. There is plenty of material to draw from since there are multiple volumes in the manga the film is based on. Plus, in the original story, some characters get roped into playing more than one game of Body Search. The film’s ending suggests that there is much more to this story than we were initially led to believe. Netflix hasn’t revealed any plans for a Re/Member sequel yet, but anything is possible!

What did you think of the Re/Member post-credits scene? Would you like to see a sequel to Re/Member on Netflix? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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