4 romantic Netflix movies to watch for Valentine’s Day 2023 (and 2 to skip)

Your Place or Mine (2023). Reese Witherspoon as Debbie Dunn, Ashton Kutcher as Peter. Cr. Netflix
Your Place or Mine (2023). Reese Witherspoon as Debbie Dunn, Ashton Kutcher as Peter. Cr. Netflix /

One of the best holidays of the year is finally here! Yes, we’re talking about Valentine’s Day, and we’re so excited to share some movie recommendations for you to watch with your loved one on this special day. We also decided to include some Netflix movies that we believe aren’t worth a watch or aren’t movies that will get you in the Valentine’s Day spirit.

Finding a good movie to watch on Valentine’s Day can be hard, especially with Netflix’s seemingly endless library of romantic movies. But that’s why you got us at Netflix Life to help you out. We did the hard work for you and found some of the best romantic Netflix movies currently streaming on the platform. And one of those movies was just recently released. Of course, we’re talking about Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher’s new movie Your Place or Mine, which was released on Feb. 10.

But what other romantic Netflix movies can you add to your watchlist for Valentine’s Day 2023? Without further ado, here’s a list of four romantic Netflix movies to watch and two to skip this Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Netflix movies for Valentine’s Day 2023

Your Place or Mine - Netflix movies
Your Place or Mine (2023), Wesley Kimmel as Jack, Reese Witherspoon as Debbie Dunn. Cr. Erin Simkin / Netflix © 2022 /

Your Place or Mine

Watch! Your Place or Mine stars Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher as two long-distance best friends who couldn’t be any more different yet have a close friendship. Ashton’s character is a successful marketing executive who refuses to be tied down, while Reese’s character is a single mom who doesn’t really like change. But things start to change between them when they decide to switch houses and lives for a week, and hidden feelings are brought to light.

It’s a light, feel-good romantic movie that has just the right amount of humor. Although it’s quite predictable, and the pairing might throw you off a bit, it’s enjoyable to watch, and Reese and Ashton give amazing performances.

Netflix movies - Is Holidate a Christmas movie? (7 alternatives to holiday rom-coms)
HOLIDATE (2020) L to R: Emma Roberts as Sloane Reed & Luke Bracey as Jackson Pieretti. Cr. Steve Dietl / Netflix /


Watch! Holidate should be watched every Valentine’s Day because it’s just that good. It stars Emma Roberts and Jackson Pieretti as two strangers who agree to be each other’s plus-ones for every festive occasion throughout the year because they’re tired of being single on the holidays. However, things become complicated when feelings get involved.

Although this isn’t a movie we haven’t already seen before, it’s still worth a watch. The strong chemistry between the two main leads makes them convincing as lovers. Holidate could be described as a cheesy rom-com, but don’t we all love to watch those types of movies from time to time?

Netflix movies - Victoria Justice and Adam Demos in A Perfect Pairing - Best romantic comedy movies
A Perfect Pairing. (L to R) Victoria Justice as Lola, Adam Demos as Max in A Perfect Pairing. Cr. Vince Valitutti/Netflix © 2022. /

A Perfect Pairing

Watch! Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to like A Perfect Pairing because I thought the pairing of Victoria Justice and Adam Demos as love interests didn’t make sense. However, my opinion completely changed once I watched the romantic comedy. The story follows an LA wine executive who travels to Australia to land a major client, only to end up working at a sheep station and falling in love with the dashing station manager.

A Perfect Pairing is fresh and an easy watch. We definitely recommend adding this to your watchlist for Valentine’s Day 2023.

Netflix movies
The Perfect DateImage Courtesy Netflix /

The Perfect Date

Watch! Overall, Noah Centineo is a good actor, but he’s absolutely fantastic in romantic comedies. In The Perfect Date, Noah plays a high school student who dreams of attending his dream college but doesn’t have the funds to do so. So, he and his programmer friend create an app where he offers his services as a plus-one for all occasions to earn money. But his plan gets complicated when he falls for one of his clients.

Besides Noah, the cast includes Laura Marano, Odiseas Georgiadis, Camila Mendes, Matt Walsh, and many others.

He's All That - Best Netflix movies

He’s All That

Skip! He’s All That will always be a hard pass, in my opinion. Remember when I said that cheesy rom-coms are okay to watch from time to time? He’s All That is past cheesy. It’s simply a hot mess. The acting is horrible, there’s no chemistry between the two main leads, it’s full of cringe moments, the writing is terrible, and the entire movie feels rushed. If you want a good rom-com to watch, watch the original film, She’s All That. Don’t even attempt to sit through this movie.

Purple Hearts - Netflix movies
Purple Hearts. (L to R) Nicholas Galitzine as Luke, Sofia Carson as Cassie in Purple Hearts. Cr. Mark Fellman/Netflix © 2022. /

Purple Hearts

Skip! Purple Hearts is another movie we wouldn’t recommend watching this Valentine’s Day. Actually, we wouldn’t recommend watching this movie on any day. I’m sorry, Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine, but this film just wasn’t enjoyable to watch at all. I’d say the soundtrack was the best part of Purple Hearts, and that says a lot.

Although this movie pulled in tons of viewers when it premiered in July 2022, that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s problematic and filled with racist sentiments, misogyny, and military propaganda. Netflix offers so many good romantic films to watch. Don’t waste your time on this one…

What romantic Netflix movies will you be watching this Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comment section below!

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