Re/Member parents guide: Is the Japanese Netflix horror film okay for kids?

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On Valentine’s Day, a new Japanese horror film is set to be released on Netflix called Re/Member. If you’re looking forward to watching this movie, we must share with you the parents guide and age rating. This way, you’ll know if you can watch it with kids present or not.

Re/Member is a Netflix movie based on the manga titled Karada Sagashi by Welzard and Katsutoshi Murase. In addition, well-known Japanese director film Eiichiro Hasumi helmed the movie from a screenplay written by Harumi Doki.

It’s about a group of teens who search for the scattered remains of a dead student around their school so that they can escape a murderous time loop created by a ghost. Kanna Hashimoto (Asuka Morisaki), Gordon Maeda (Takahiro Ise), Maika Yamamoto (Rumiko Hiiragi), Fuju Kamio (Atsushi Kiyomiya), Kotaro Daigo (Shota Uranishi), and others star in the series.

The film already had its premiere in Japan back in October 2022, but now it will have its U.S. release through the streaming platform (Netflix) on Feb. 14. You probably weren’t expecting to watch a horror flick on Valentine’s Day, but maybe it’s time to change things up. We’ve watched the trailer for the movie, and it definitely looks like something worth a watch. But is it okay for kids to watch? Find out below.

Re/Member parents guide and age rating

Re/Member is rated TV-MA, meaning it’s intended to be viewed by mature audiences only. It was given this maturity rating for graphic violence. However, there will also be tons of blood and gore and many frightening and intense scenes.

We strongly recommend watching this movie when no young kids are around. In fact, it may not be suitable for kids under 17. But seeing as though it’s marketed as a teen movie, older kids should be okay watching it. We would just recommend that parents check it out beforehand.

Take a look at the official trailer for a sneak peek of the film!

As you can see in the trailer, there are many scenes involving graphic violence and blood. For example, a character is shown being thrown off a building in one scene. And in another clip, a character’s head is repeatedly bashed against a wall. There’s also a scary monster chasing the students who appears to be the “Red Person Ghost,” the antagonist of the film. Lastly, a human arm is shown floating in a tank filled with water, and a bunch of bloody arms is shown sticking out of a tank.

By just watching the trailer, it’s obvious a younger audience should not be watching this film. So, make sure that the kids are tucked in and ready for bed or occupied with a movie or show before you start watching Re/Member.

Re/Member arrives on Netflix on Feb. 14. Will you be watching the horror flick?

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