Re/Member cast: Who is in the Netflix movie?

Re/Member - Cr: Netflix.
Re/Member - Cr: Netflix. /

Re/Member (also known as Karada Sagashi or カラダ探し) is a new teen horror movie set to make its global Netflix debut on February 14, 2023. The flick, directed by Eiichiro Hasumi and had a theatrical release in Japan in October 2022, follows six high school students who find themselves stuck in a deadly time loop forced to find the scattered remains of a previous victim within their school or risk being killed “over and over” by the mysterious “Red Person.”

The official synopsis, via Netflix, reads:

"“Asuka, Takahiro and four other high schoolers must spend the night finding the scattered remains of a body hidden within their school, or risk being killed over and over by the ‘Red Person’ and repeating the same day forever. Can they break out of the murderous loop and see tomorrow? A deathly exhilarating climax awaits in this ultra-thrilling looping horror experience.”"

So if you’re feeling less than romantic on Valentine’s Day 2023 and want to opt out of the many rom-coms that the streaming giant has to offer, you can sink your teeth into this murderous mystery loop instead.

Wondering who stars in the Netflix Japanese teen horror movie? Then wonder no more, as we have the full cast list, via MyDrama List, below!

Re/Member cast

The Japanese teen horror movie, which is an adaptation of the manga, Karadasagashi, series — also known as “Body search” — written by Welzard and drawn by Murase, stars some well-known Japanese actors. These include Kanna Hashimoto, Gordon Maeda, Maika Yamamoto, and others. The full cast list, including the character they portray, is as follows:

  • Kanna Hashimoto as Asuka Morisaki
  • Gordon Maeda as Takahiro Ise
  • Maika Yamamoto as Rumiko Hiiragi
  • Fûju Kamio as Atsushi Kiyomiya
  • Kotarô Daigo as Shota Uranishi
  • Mayuu Yokota as Rie Naruto
  • Shuntarô Yanagi
  • Naomi Nishida
  • Tasuku Emoto

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