What is Netflix series The Exchange about?

The Exchange on Netflix Feb. 8, 2023.
The Exchange on Netflix Feb. 8, 2023. /

We’re getting all the ’80s Middle Eastern vibes in the promotional images and trailer for the new Netflix series, The Exchange. Set in 1987 Kuwait, this is the streamer’s first original series from Kuwait. And it’s all about the country’s stock market and two lovely ladies who make history!

The series co-stars Rawan Mahdi as Farida and Mona Hussain as Munira. Joining the Arab actresses onscreen are Mohammed Almansour, Jasem Alnabhan, Hussain Almahdi, Faisal Alamiri, Maryam Alsalih, and Esmahan Tawfiq, among others.

The six-episode series, set to debut Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2023, is created and written by Nadia Ahmad, Anne Sobel, and Adam Sobel. Produced by Abdullah Boushahri, the show was completely filmed in Kuwait.

So what exactly can we expect to see in the new series? We’ve got the answer for you below!

What is Netflix series The Exchange about?

The Exchange is based on a true story of two women who decided they would prove themselves capable of being a part of the “corrupt boys club” at the “cutthroat” Kuwaiti Stock Exchange, per the synopsis. They were the first two women in 1980s Kuwait to work at the stock exchange.

The show centers on Farida (Mahdi) and Munira (Hussain). Farida is recently divorced and is determined to provide for her daughter. But because she’s been a housewife for 13 years, it’s not easy to get back into the workforce.

Help comes from her cousin Munira, a Clerk for the Bank of Tomorrow’s Trading Division at the Kuwait Stock Exchange, Netflix shares. The streamer describes Munira as an independent, smart, and sassy woman. The two lovely ladies will prove they have a place in the male-dominated space during the time when the “stock market in Kuwait was booming.”

A story all about women coming together and proving how to those who doubt them how strong and capable they are? Count us in! Check out the trailer below ahead of the show’s release:

The Exchange premieres Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2023, on Netflix.

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