Are Harry and Beaux from Too Hot to Handle season 3 still together?

Too Hot to Handle season 3. Cr: Netflix.
Too Hot to Handle season 3. Cr: Netflix. /

Too Hot to Handle season 3 already seems like it was forever ago despite releasing in January 2022, but since then, a whole new season of Too Hot to Handle has already aired, and Netflix renewed the popular dating show for a fifth season.

Seeing as it has been over a year since season 3 debuted, some fans might be curious about the status of winning couple Harry Johnson and Beaux Raymond. A fan-favorite pair since early on in the show, many were rooting for Harry and Beaux to win. But what happened to them after they left the luxurious villa in the Turks and Caicos Islands?

What often happens when couples leave the villa is reality sets back in, breaking the spell cast by the gorgeous getaway and leading to the end of the majority of Too Hot to Handle relationships. Was that the case with Harry and Beaux?

Are Harry Johnson and Beaux Raymond from Too Hot to Handle season 3 still together?

Considering they won the third season of Too Hot to Handle and the prize pool of $90,000, it’s understandable why fans would be more invested in Harry and Beaux’s relationship than some of the other pairings that have come from this particular Netflix dating show.

Unfortunately, Harry and Beaux are no longer together. They revealed they had split during the season 3 reunion special. Around February 2022, fans began suspecting that the pair were interested in rekindling their relationship due to some posts on social media. Beaux has since re-confirmed (via her Instagram) that the two are just friendly exes at this point.

Harry spoke exclusively to Us Weekly after the third season wrapped, revealing that he was happy with how things went and had no regrets from his time on the show.

"“I’m very happy with the way things all went. I feel like there was a lot of closure at the end for everybody. Everyone handled everything very [well], and whether things went south, they went north, whatever direction, everybody seemed to come out of it happy, consistently just themselves and not having to fake anything, and I think that’s the best part about it. I wouldn’t change anything going back.”"

Beaux shared similar sentiments, so fans can take heart knowing that even though she and Harry aren’t together romantically anymore, they still seem to be on good terms.

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