Gunther’s Millions: How old is Gunther the dog? (Gunther VI’s age)

Gunther's Millions. Cr: Netflix.
Gunther's Millions. Cr: Netflix. /

Gunther the dog is the latest Netflix star after the strange documentary series Gunther’s Millions was released. But how old is the current Gunther VI?

The story of the world’s richest dog is far more convoluted than one might expect. What starts as the seemingly innocent story of a German countess leaving behind her wealth to her beloved German shepherd quickly spirals into something stranger than fiction involving Italian pharmaceutical heir Mauirizio Mian and a wild story.

But even amid the crazy social experiments, orgies, and cult-like entourage surrounding Gunther the dog, most viewers are more interested in learning more about the adorable dog (or dogs) at the center of the documentary series.

Keep reading to find out how old Gunther VI is and where he stands in the lineage of Gunthers overall.

How old is Gunther the Dog? Gunther VI’s age

The current Gunther is actually the sixth dog in the Gunther lineage. Gunther VI is around five years old, according to the documentary series. In the doc, a graphic shows that Gunther VI took over in 2018. Since he probably wasn’t a puppy when he became the de facto Gunther after Gunther V’s passing, we can safely assume the latest Gunther in the line is a little older than five. He might be closer to six or seven years old.

The first Gunther was actually Gunther III, and he belonged to Maurizio Mian’s ex-girlfriend Antonella Signorini. Maurizio and Antonella ended up becoming co-parents to Gunther III. Then after Gunther III passed away, Gunther IV took over in 1995, followed by Gunther V in 2005, and then the current Gunther, Gunther VI, in 2018.

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