The Glory part 2 is not coming to Netflix in February 2023

The Glory part 2. Cr: Netflix.
The Glory part 2. Cr: Netflix. /

The captivating revenge drama The Glory took Netflix viewers by storm this past January. Technically, the South Korean drama released at the very end of 2022, but most people didn’t discover the show until early 2023.

After binge-watching the first part, consisting of eight episodes, fans are wondering when they can expect The Glory part 2 to premiere on Netflix. Unfortunately, we’ll be waiting a bit longer to see how Moon Dong-eun’s story ends and whether or not she is successful in her revenge against Park Yeon-jin and the others.

Starring internationally acclaimed actress Song Hye-kyo, The Glory is a chilling and gripping story of a woman intent on exacting revenge on her high school tormentors. From the start, The Glory has been a relentless and sometimes tough-to-watch story, but Hye-kyo delivers an exceptional performance as the leading lady.

The Glory part 2 release date on Netflix

Even though The Glory part 2 isn’t coming out in February, Netflix has already announced the release date, so we won’t be waiting in suspense for the show’s return. The Glory part 2 is set to premiere on March 10, 2023.

Like part 1, part 2 will also consist of eight episodes, bringing the total to 16 episodes. Right now, it seems like this show is meant as a limited series with just the two parts. There likely won’t be a second season, meaning there is a lot expected to happen in part 2 as we see Dong-eun put her plan into action.

The end of The Glory part 1 left us with several cliffhangers revolving around Son Myeong-oh’s fate and Yeon-jin’s husband discovering the truth about Dong-eun’s plans. Who’s side will he take? Then there’s also Hyeon-nam to worry about, will Dong-eun be able to keep her safe and kill her abusive husband?

Are you looking forward to The Glory part 2? What do you hope to see happen in the second half of the series? Revisit part 1 now on Netflix and share your thoughts with us in the comments below. 

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