Do Ines and Rusty get together in Freeridge?

Freeridge. Bryana Salaz as Ines in episode 104 of Freeridge. Cr. Kevin Estrada/Netflix © 2022
Freeridge. Bryana Salaz as Ines in episode 104 of Freeridge. Cr. Kevin Estrada/Netflix © 2022 /

Freeridge is finally available to stream on Netflix, and everyone’s quickly making their way through the eight-episode first season. There are several romantic pairings in season 1, and while some actually become something, others are left up in the air for a second season to cover.

Spoilers from Freeridge ahead!

Sibling rivals Gloria and Ines end up liking the same guy, Rusty. However, they both deny their feelings for him to each other. When Ines finally makes a move on Rusty, he rejects her and tells her that he has feelings for Gloria. Since Ines is hurt by being rejected, she lies and tells Rusty that Gloria doesn’t like him. She even lies and tells Gloria that Rusty has another girl he’s talking to. Ines was so bitter about being rejected that she was willing to sabotage her sister’s happiness.

However, Ines’s plan backfires because Gloria and Rusty eventually make up and get together. But something happens between Ines and Rusty in the season 1 finale, and we were not expecting it at all. Are you curious? If so, here’s what happens between Ines and Rusty in the Freeridge season 1 finale.

Do Ines and Rusty get together in Freeridge?

No, Ines and Rusty do not get together in the teen series. However, they do passionately make out in the last episode of the first season. After Rusty confesses to Gloria that he was paid to date her, she says some hurtful things to him before walking away.

While sulking outside Mariluna’s mansion, Rusty is approached by Ines. They argue and Rusty tells Ines that she needs to move on. He even suggests she kisses him to get it out of her system. Initially, Ines denies wanting to kiss Rusty, but then she quickly grabs his face and kisses him. She pulls back from the kiss and tells him that she didn’t feel anything, even though it’s obvious that she’s lying.

They stare at each other in want and lean back in to kiss each other, but this time around, they start making out. They’re forced to stop when Gloria walks outside, calling out Rusty’s name. Gloria walks over to Ines and Rusty and apologizes to them for the hurtful words she said to them earlier. Meanwhile, Ines and Rusty are panicking because of what they just did.

Does Ines and Rusty’s short makeout session mean they both like each other? Initially, I thought Ines’s feelings for Rusty were one-sided, but Rusty kissed her back, so it looks like he might actually return her feelings. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see them talk about the kiss in the final episode, so it will most likely be covered in a potential second season. It’ll be interesting to see how everything turns out. Will Ines and Rusty fess up about the kiss to Gloria? Will there be a love triangle between Gloria, Ines, and Rusty? Fingers crossed, Netflix renews Freeridge for a second season!

Freeridge is streaming on Netflix.

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