Do Gloria and Rusty get together in Freeridge?

Freeridge. Keyla Monterroso Mejia as Gloria in episode 104 of Freeridge. Cr. Kevin Estrada © 2022
Freeridge. Keyla Monterroso Mejia as Gloria in episode 104 of Freeridge. Cr. Kevin Estrada © 2022 /

Now that Freeridge is streaming on Netflix, it’s probably what you’re binge-watching at the moment. While the show mainly focuses on a group of friends working together to reverse a curse they accidentally unleashed from a suspicious box, this doesn’t mean there isn’t time for romance. One of the budding romances we see this season is between Gloria and Rusty (Keyla Monterroso Mejia and Michael Solomon).

Spoilers ahead from Freeridge.

Gloria and Rusty’s relationship starts off rocky at the beginning of the season. We find out that Gloria had been harboring bad feelings towards Rusty because he messed up her while she was doing her bent arm hang in gym class. This is why Gloria is enraged when she finds out Tonio hired Rusty as his assistant. This means she would have to see him around her house constantly.

However, sparks start to fly when they realize they have things in common. Gloria begins to see Rusty in a new light when he reveals to her that he’s working for Tonio so that he can take care of his grandma. But Gloria refuses to acknowledge her feelings for him because it’s what she is used to doing.

However, things start moving in the right direction for Gloria and Rusty at her party. They share a passionate kiss and are one step closer to hooking up, but Gloria panics and walks away. Unfortunately for Gloria, this is when Ines swoops in and takes Rusty to her bedroom to hook up. Although Rusty and Ines don’t actually hook up, Ines still tries to sabotage any possible romance between Gloria and Rusty. However, Ines’s plan backfires because Gloria and Rusty eventually make up and kiss. But do they get together?

Do Gloria and Rusty get together in Freeridge?

Yes, Gloria and Rusty finally get together in episode 7 after all the back and forth. At Gloria’s bent arm hang competition, Rusty shows up to support her and they talk after the match is over. Gloria apologizes to Rusty and tells him that she lied about them not being good together as a couple. While Gloria is speaking, Rusty leans in to kiss her. Gloria breaks the kiss after a couple of seconds to ask Rusty about the other girl he’s supposedly dating. Rusty tells Gloria that there isn’t another girl and that Ines lied. Although Gloria is shocked by this news, she and Rusty still share another passionate kiss.

Then, Gloria and Rusty spend most of episode 8 being a lovey-dovey couple until the middle of the episode when Gloria confronts Rusty about him being paid to date her by Tonio. Rusty tells the truth and explains that it was initially about the money, but once he started to like her, he stopped taking the money. Obviously, Gloria is extremely hurt by this and says some hurtful things to Rusty before storming off. However, she comes back later and apologizes to Rusty at the end of the episode.

Will Gloria and Rusty stay together in a potential Freeridge season 2?

Probably not. They’ll probably start the second season happily in love, but it won’t last long because of Rusty’s conscience. Before Gloria apologizes to Rusty in the season 1 finale, Rusty and Ines are shown making out outside Mariluna’s mansion. Obviously, Ines still had unresolved feelings for Rusty, but based on how their kiss went, Rusty also harbored feelings for Ines.

There’s no way their secret makeout session will be able to stay hidden. Rusty or Ines will eventually come forward and tell Gloria, or it will come out some other way. Fingers crossed, the show gets renewed because I want to see where the story goes in a second season.

Freeridge is streaming right now only on Netflix.

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