Do Demi and Cam get together in Freeridge?

Freeridge. (L to R) Bryana Salaz as Ines, Tenzing Trainor as Cameron, Ciara Riley Wilson as Demi in episode 101 of Freeridge. Cr. Kevin Estrada/Netflix © 2022
Freeridge. (L to R) Bryana Salaz as Ines, Tenzing Trainor as Cameron, Ciara Riley Wilson as Demi in episode 101 of Freeridge. Cr. Kevin Estrada/Netflix © 2022 /

The On My Block spinoff series Freeridge is finally streaming on Netflix. In the first season of the new teen series, a group of four friends deals with undoing a curse seemingly brought upon them from a mystery box. However, that’s not the only thing happening in Freeridge. Of course, it wouldn’t be a teen series if romantic pairings weren’t involved. And one of the romantic pairings we see play out this season is with two friends from the friend group: Demi and Cam.

Spoilers ahead from Freeridge

At the beginning of episode 1, we learn right away that Demi and Cam have feelings for each other. Cam even confesses to Demi that he’s liked her for years. However, Cam is dating a boy named Andre, and Demi doesn’t want to come in between their relationship, nor does she want to ruin their friendship. So, they decide to bury their feelings and remain friends.

However, everything changes when Andre reveals to Demi that Cam was scarred by a mystery person he’s been hung up on. Demi knows the mystery person is her, but she can’t think of what she could’ve done to scar Cam. Cam eventually explains to Demi on Andre’s podcast what she did to break his heart when they were kids, but Demi doesn’t believe she did what he said. This puts them at odds for a while.

Later, Demi attempts to apologize to Cam but messes everything up when she kisses him. They don’t officially make up until Gloria and Ines’s party, where they share their first real kiss. Does this kiss lead to them getting together?

Do Demi and Cam get together in Freeridge?

Yes! Demi and Cam begin dating after they kiss at Gloria and Ines’s house party. Cam didn’t have to worry about breaking up with Andre because Andre unofficially broke up with him after catching them kissing at the party. But Andre makes sure to make their lives miserable at school by telling everyone that Cam cheated on him with Demi on his podcast.

Demi and Cam are constantly harassed by everyone at school, which somewhat puts a strain on their relationship. However, things become better for Demi after she apologizes to Andre and they make up. Meanwhile, Andre refuses to make up with Cam, which makes it hard for him to move on. Demi and Cam continue to do fine as a couple until episode 8, when they realize that the spark they once had in their relationship is no longer there.

Do Demi and Cam break up in Freeridge?

Sadly, the young couple breaks up in the last episode of the season. They both realize that their relationship has lost the excitement it once had, so they decide to go back to being friends.

However, it looks like Demi and Cam may possibly get back together in a potential second season because at the end of the first season, Demi believes that Cam is her soulmate after he funnily winks at her. When Demi was younger, her grandmother told her that she’d know who her soulmate was by the way he winked at her. Since Cam winked at Demi in a funny way, she instantly believes he’s the one. Hopefully, Freeridge is renewed for a second season because I want to know if Demi and Cam will get back together.

Freeridge is available to stream on Netflix right now.

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