What is the Lockwood & Co. theme song?

DSC_5031.NEFLockwood & Co. Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix
DSC_5031.NEFLockwood & Co. Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix /

The new supernatural thriller Lockwood & Co. is based on a series of young adult books by Jonathan Stroud. This is a well-written, brilliantly cast series that fans of supernatural and mysteries will thoroughly enjoy.  One element that makes these series even better is the soundtrack. What is that theme song anyway?

Lockwood & Co. is written and directed by Joe Cornish, known for his work on Ant-Man. The first season is based on Stroud’s first two books in the series The Screaming Staircase and The Whispering Skull. Fans of the books have expressed their delight in the adaptation believing that it has more than met their expectations.

The series stars Ruby Stokes, Cameron Chapman, and Ali Hadji-Heshmati as ghost hunters for the Lockwood & Co. agency. Set in London during the Problem, a decades-long event that sees extremely high ghost activity, Anthony Lockwood (Chapman), along with his associates, Lucy (Stokes) and George (Hadji-Heshmati), use their Talent to fight off the supernatural.

Lockwood & Co theme song and soundtrack

The theme song for Lockwood & Co. is titled “Can’t Leave the Night” by BADBADNOTGOOD, a Canadian instrumental band. It gives an eerie feel to the series, and fans need to pay close attention to the opening sequence as it explains more about the beginnings of the Problem.

The soundtrack is full of fabulous early ’80s post-punk bands that lend to the supernatural feel of the series. Fans will hear songs by Bauhaus, The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and This Mortal Coil. The songs featured in the series aid the outstanding cinematography in creating a feeling of doom, which makes the scenes seem more haunted. Creator Joe Cornish has described the vibe of the songs as romantic gloom.

Songs featured in the series include:

  • “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” – Bauhaus
  • “Sick Child” –  Siouxsie and the Banshees
  • “All We Ever Wanted Was Everything” – Bauhaus
  • “Stigmata Martyr” – Bauhaus
  • “A Forest” – The Cure
  •  “Song To The Siren” – This Mortal Coil
  • “Party Fears Two” – The Associates
  • “A55” – English Teacher
  • “Cruel World” – Phantogram
  • “Homesick” – The Cure
  • “No Love Lost” – Joy Division

What’s you favorite song from the Lockwood & Co. soundtrack? Share your pick in the comments!

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