What is Netflix docuseries Gunther’s Millions about?

Gunther's Millions. Cr: Netflix.
Gunther's Millions. Cr: Netflix. /

Imagine if your boss was a German Shepherd. In Netflix’s new investigative documentary series Gunther’s Millions, we’ll meet several people who don’t have to imagine because they really are part of a dog’s entourage.

In 1992, German Countess Karlotta Leibenstein willed her $80 million fortune to her beloved dog Gunther III when she died. Supposedly, her only son died, and Leibenstein didn’t have any other relatives to whom she wanted to leave her fortune, so she chose her dog instead. Since then, Gunther III’s granddog, Gunther IV, has inherited the wealth and is reportedly worth more than $400 million today, making him the richest dog in the world.

Obviously, a dog cannot pay bills and make sound investments, so even though Gunther inherited the money, it’s actually handled by his employees, a group of human handlers who have been in charge of investing the money over the years, hence how it ballooned from $80 million to $400 million.

Among the many assets under Gunther’s name include private jets, Italian villas, at least one yacht, and more. Even superstar Madonna previously sold her $29 million manor to Gunther and his staff, reports People.

Gunther’s Millions plot synopsis

The docuseries is about more than just a dog living a lavish lifestyle. Much of this case’s intrigue revolves around Gunther’s owner, the Italian pharmaceutical heir Maurizio Mian. In addition to leaving the money behind, Leibenstein put Mian in charge of the dog and, therefore, his earnings.

Throughout the past 30 years, Mian has ensured Gunther lives the high life, including gold-flecked steaks and all the pampering a dog could ever want or need. But he’s also participated in some strange hobbies, like conducting controversial social experiments and allegedly participating in one of the most notable tax fraud schemes.

Here is the official docuseries synopsis, shared by Netflix:

"Multi-millionaire Gunther VI lives in the lap of luxury: He travels on private planes, eats gold-flaked steaks for dinner, and surrounds himself with a glamorous entourage of spokesmodels and entertainers. He is also a German shepherd. As the legend goes, Gunther’s great-grandfather was originally owned by a mysterious countess whose son died tragically. Having no heirs, the countess bequeathed her considerable fortune to her beloved dog, and placed him in the care of her son’s close friend, an Italian pharmaceutical heir and aspiring impresario named Maurizio Mian.Over the past 30 years, Mian has built an empire on behalf of his canine boss, including glamorous real estate purchases, controversial social experiments, and one of the biggest tax fraud schemes of all time. It’s a fairy tale both beautiful and bizarre, and naturally, questions abound. In this whirlwind of a four-part investigative documentary series, executive producers Aurelien Leturgie and Emilie Dumay crisscross the globe in search of answers, gaining access to never-before-seen archival material and sitting down for intimate and sometimes shocking conversations with Mian and the rest of Gunther’s longtime associates in hopes of understanding the complicated truth behind the world’s wealthiest pet."

You can start watching the four-part docuseries on Wednesday, Feb. 1. Add the series to your Netflix watchlist now to get a reminder when it goes live!

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