The Crown season 6 is not coming to Netflix in February 2023

We are ready to see where Peter Morgan ends the Royal Family drama series. When will The Crown season 6 come to Netflix? Will it be in 2023?

Eyes are on the final season of The Crown. Season 6 is set to bring us to the end of the Royal Family drama. Of course, the drama will always continue, but Peter Morgan has always had a specific endpoint in mind. We know we’ll see some of William and Kate’s relationship, but we’re not supposed to get to Harry and Meghan’s relationship.

How will it all end? That’s something for us to watch to find out. The bad news is the final season isn’t going to arrive in February 2023. We didn’t expect that to be the case, but it didn’t stop us from double-checking the list of releases just in case.

The Crown season 6 release updates (February 2023)

So, when can we expect the new season? As of right now, eyes are still on the end of this year. While there was a temporary pause in filming as a sign of respect when Queen Elizabeth II died, this wouldn’t have affected production timeframes too much. There is still a chance that we’ll see the season arrive in November or December of this year.

Netflix hasn’t confirmed too much just yet. That’s not too surprising considering we’ve only just started the year. Plus, the streamer has been focused on explaining (and not apologizing for) some of the cancellations at the end of 2022 and the start of 2023.

We’re sure to learn more closer to the time. There’s no reason for Netflix to change the way the seasons have been released in the past unless something major happens again.

As for how it ends, I’m hoping for a fitting tribute at the very end for Queen Elizabeth II.

The Crown is available to stream on Netflix.