How old was Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things season 1?

Stranger Things season 1, Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven.
Stranger Things season 1, Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven. /

Let’s go back to Atlanta, Georgia. Circa 2015. That’s the location and year when Stranger Things would officially become a reality with the cameras rolling. At the time, I’m sure the cast and crew didn’t know what a phenomenon the series would turn out to be!

The show’s unique story, excellent writing, and sassy but lovable characters are all the perfect recipe that’s made the production such a success. The kids the story is centered around shot the young actors to stardom, including the lead Millie Bobby Brown!

As of Feb. 1, 2023, the young actress is only 18 years old. Fun fact! This year marks Brown’s golden birthday! The star will be turning 19 in just over a couple of weeks on Feb. 19, 2023. So we know how old she is now. But what was her age when this journey first began?

How old was Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things season 1?

There are two answers to that question. When Stranger Things began filming in November 2015, the Eleven actress was only 11 years old! Can you believe it? It’s so hard for adults to act without speaking, having to use their bodies and facial expressions to portray their feelings and emotions. Imagine someone that young doing so. Just another reason that proves how talented Ms. Millie Bobby Brown truly is!

As many of you know, filming and post-production on shows takes a long time. And Stranger Things is especially known for taking its sweet time in delivering the final product. Though when it comes to season 1, there wasn’t a long wait between when the first season stopped rolling the cameras, and when the show came to Netflix.

The series began filming in November 2015, and production wrapped in early 2016, putting Brown’s age at 12 years old. Stranger Things then premiered on July 15 the same year. So, that means the young actress was 11 years old when she began filming, and turned 12 by the time the sci-fi drama debuted on our screens!

Stranger Things season 1 to 4 are streaming on Netflix. Stay tuned to Netflix Life as we bring you updates about the fifth and final season!

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