Pamela, a love story: How did Pamela Anderson get discovered?

Pamela, a love story. Cr: Netflix.
Pamela, a love story. Cr: Netflix. /

In the past year, Pamela Anderson’s name has been dragged back into the media thanks to a Hulu limited series that recounted some of the most horrific moments during her height of fame in the 1990s. Now, the iconic actress and model tells her own story in the Netflix documentary Pamela, a love story.

We might know Pamela Anderson as a Playboy Playmate or the star of Baywatch or a name frequently appearing in tabloid fodder about her romantic relationships. She’s all of those things, but in her intimate documentary, she’s letting the world in and sharing the stories that haven’t been told.

Of course, she’s peeling back the curtain on her perspective of the stolen tape scandal from the 1990s and the traumatic toll it took on her body. She leaves no stone unturned, revealing a truly fascinating and remarkable survivor of so many things, fame being one of them.

But how did Pamela Anderson come into all of this fame? Pamela, a love story rewinds the clock back to Anderson’s early 20s, when she was first discovered and her modeling career skyrocketed to success. Not long after that, the small screen came calling.

How did Pamela Anderson get discovered?

In Pamela, a love story, Anderson explains how her career began in 1989 by simply attending a football game in Vancouver. She and her friends, who knew representatives for Labatt’s beer, attended a BC Lions game with free tickets. The jumbotron zoomed in on Anderson in her Labatt’s t-shirt, and she was invited onto the field for a draw.

Anderson later appeared in commercials and promotional components for Labatt’s, becoming known as the “Blue Zone” girl. Because of her exposure as a model for Labatt’s beer, Anderson received a phone call from Playboy magazine’s photo editor, Marilyn Grabowski, offering her the October 1989 cover. At the time of her Playboy debut, Anderson was 22 years old.

After being recruited for Playboy, she quickly became a Playmate and then started planning an acting career by 1991. She canceled her Baywatch audition 11 times before finally taking the plunge and taking on the role of C.J. in 1992. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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