Pamela, a love story age rating: What is the Pamela Anderson documentary rated?

Pamela, a love story. Cr: Netflix.
Pamela, a love story. Cr: Netflix. /

Pamela, a love story is a new documentary featuring Pamela Anderson as we’ve never seen her before as this movie allows the icon to show viewers a different side of herself. But what is the documentary’s age rating?

Typically most documentaries and documentary series are only rated TV-PG or TV-14 max. Usually, if a documentary receives a TV-MA rating, it’s because it deals with mature themes like sexual assault or graphic depictions of violence.

Most people watching this particular doc are likely old enough to watch films of any rating since Anderson tends to have fans who grew up watching her on Baywatch or following her Playboy career. But for those who need a little more information regarding the film’s age rating and parents guide, we’ve got you covered.

Pamela, a love story age rating

Pamela, a love story received a TV-MA rating because the documentary contains references to child sexual abuse, domestic abuse, strong language, smoking, and some nudity. Most of this content is due to Anderson discussing things that happened to her in the industry and isn’t necessarily explicit or graphic.

Is there nudity in Pamela, a love story?

Yes, there is some nudity in the documentary, but it’s not “new.” The nudity comes from the documentary’s Playboy segment, as the feature shows Anderson’s uncensored photoshoots and centerfold. So, if you’ve already seen her modeling photoshoots, you should know what to expect.

Honestly, I think most fans of Pamela Anderson are adults, so the age rating shouldn’t be an issue. Still, you might want to reconsider if you were considering watching the documentary with kids or putting it on while they’re around.

I recommend watching the trailer below for a better idea of what to expect from the doc.

Pamela, a love story is now streaming on Netflix. Add the documentary to your watchlist now.

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