Record of Ragnarok season 3: Is another season happening?

Record of Ragnarok. Cr: Netflix.
Record of Ragnarok. Cr: Netflix. /

The awesomeness that is Record of Ragnarok has finally returned, and anime fans couldn’t be any more excited to see the continued fights between gods and humans with supernatural strength!

The last time we saw this anime series, several fights between both sides took place. In some battles, the god was victorious, while humans took home the crown in others. And you can bet the same can be said for the sophomore season, as this season displayed even more battles between characters you either love to hate or hate to love.

Although we don’t want to give away too much about which side currently has the upper hand, we do want to inform you that the tournament has not yet ended, meaning there are even more lineups on the way. What’s more, with the fate of humanity not yet decided in the manga, we can expect the series to run for a little longer. But what are the odds of this happening?

Has Netflix renewed Record of Ragnarok for a third season?

As of Jan. 27, 2023, we don’t have word on Record of Ragnarok season 3, but it’s not because the streaming service hasn’t renewed the anime. Rather, it’s because the sophomore season has yet to conclude!

There are currently 10 episodes in the first installment of season 2. However, according to HITC, Netflix will release the remaining five episodes later this year. The same information can be found in the official trailer for the anime below.

The official release date for season 2 part 2 has yet to be released, but we predict the new episodes to release sometime in June 2023, as this was when the first season premiered on Netflix. Stay tuned to learn whether our prediction turns out to be true, though.

Now that you know that there’s even more Record of Ragnarok on the way, be sure to head to Netflix to stream every episode thus far. And, of course, check back with us to know whether a season 3 is, in fact, on the way soon!

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