Could another streamer save Warrior Nun for season 3? (Warrior Nun fans hope so!)

WARRIOR NUN (L to R) ALBA BAPTISTA as AVA in EPISODE 8 of WARRIOR NUN. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix/NETFLIX © 2020
WARRIOR NUN (L to R) ALBA BAPTISTA as AVA in EPISODE 8 of WARRIOR NUN. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix/NETFLIX © 2020 /

Unfortunately, the Netflix original fantasy drama series Warrior Nun was canceled in December 2022, merely one month after the release of what would become its second and final season. Warrior Nun season 3 may have been axed by Netflix, but fans haven’t given up.

Much like various television fandoms of the past few years, the Warrior Nun fandom immediately called to action in order to save their show. And it’s with purpose: The cancellation was the latest in a line of shows with queer female characters in particular canceled by Netflix.

Even though a few shows have benefitted from fan campaigns in the past, how likely is it for Warrior Nun season 3 to rise from the Netflix cancellation ashes at a new streamer? Here’s a look inside the current status of the movement to revive the series.

Will another streaming service save Warrior Nun season 3?

Based on the viewership of Warrior Nun on Netflix prior to its cancellation, the likelihood of another streamer stepping in to save the series could be low. However, don’t take that as a diss at the show. It’s just the fact of the matter that season 2 wasn’t a high performer compared to other Netflix shows released at the time.

Likewise, the assumedly higher production costs on the show rather than something like The Recruit (which just landed its own season 2 renewal) edges the series out. The Recruit also proved more successful in ratings. Again, that’s based on the viewership figures that Netflix provides to the public. Beyond production costs and viewership, other variables like completion rate also factor in.

It’s tough to say what kinds of things other streaming services look at when mulling over the possibility of saving a show. But what we do know is that shows being saved isn’t as common as you’d think, and each case is totally different than the last. One might be a studio decision (Magnum P.I.), one might be based on viewership (Manifest), and one might be a result of inescapable fan demand (Lucifer).

Is Apple TV saving Warrior Nun?

Warrior Nun fans have been passing around online petitions, putting up billboards in front of the Netflix offices in Los Angeles, and trending various hashtags on Twitter. They have also been asking Netflix’s competing streaming services to pick up a new season of the series. Lately, they have been focusing their efforts on Apple TV+.

While it’s not out of the realm of possibility (truly anything could happen in 2023, you absolutely never know), it’s worth noting that Apple TV+ has never saved a show. There’s no precedent for it from the otherwise prestige streamer. Apple’s streaming arm has been focused on building its own robust roster with hits like The Morning Show, Ted Lasso, and Truth Be Told.

Considering the state of HBO Max and other streamers just trying to stay afloat in the changing tides of television, the rest of the streaming services might not be of help. Although there has been little to no official word about the process of shopping the series around, creator Simon Barry has remained active in the fight to save Warrior Nun. If anything, the online attention could sway Netflix to order a short third season or wrap-up movie at the very least, and either would be an amazing gift for fans.

Do you hope to see Warrior Nun season 3 make a comeback on Netflix or another streamer? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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