Who plays Anthony in Lockwood & Co.? (Cameron Chapman age, Instagram, and more)

DSC_5031.NEFLockwood & Co. Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix
DSC_5031.NEFLockwood & Co. Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix /

The teen fantasy series Lockwood & Co. has a set release on Netflix on Jan. 27, and we’re definitely looking forward to watching it. However, we thought we’d get to know the cast better before starting our binge sessions. We’ve already gotten to know Ruby Stokes (Lucy Carlyle), and now it’s about time we get to know Cameron Chapman, who plays Anthony Lockwood.

Anthony Lockwood is the 18-year-old founder and owner of the ghost-hunting agency Lockwood & Co, the only company in London that operates without adult supervision. He can be quite mysterious and doesn’t show his vulnerable side often. But he believes that with Lucy’s psychic abilities, George’s intelligence, and his laser-keen psychic sight, they’ll be able to track down all the deadly spirits plaguing London.

Below, you’ll find all there is to know about the Lockwood & Co. star!

Cameron Chapman age

Cameron is believed to have been born on Dec. 15, 2002, in the United Kingdom. He is 20 years old, and his zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Cameron Chapman height

According to The Daily Biography, Cameron reportedly stands at 5 feet 11 inches. He also has short brown hair and brown eyes.

Cameron Chapman Instagram

Were you looking everywhere for Cameron’s Instagram page? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place because we know his Instagram handle. He can be found on Instagram at @cameronchapman__. He has over 800 followers but only two posts. Sadly, he’s not really active on social media. Hopefully, he’ll become more active soon. Like his Lockwood & Co. co-stars, he can most likely expect a nice bump in his follower count once people see him in the teen fantasy series. Maybe then he’ll become more active on social media.

Cameron Chapman roles

You might be surprised to learn this, but Lockwood & Cois actually Cameron’s first big role. Previously, he had performed in a few stage plays and dramas. However, I’m certain that he’ll start getting roles for more TV shows and movies in the near future.

Make sure to tune in and watch Cameron Chapman as Anthony Lockwood in Lockwood & Co., landing on Netflix on Jan. 27.

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