Are Nathan and Holly from Too Hot to Handle season 3 still together?

Too Hot to Handle. Cr: Tom Dymond/Netflix.
Too Hot to Handle. Cr: Tom Dymond/Netflix. /

Too Hot to Handle season 3 introduced us to several steamy new couples, including winners Harry Johnson and Beaux Raymond. Despite not winning the entire season, many fans couldn’t help rooting for Nathan Soan Mngomezulu and Holly Scarfone.

Nathan and Holly hit it off almost instantly when they first arrived at the villa during the reality show’s third season. The Cape Town native and the Colorado hottie were drawn to each other to the point they were unable to resist keeping their hands to themselves. Out of all the couples in the third season, Holly and Nathan lost the group the most money, repeatedly breaking Lana’s rules.

Even with all the rule breaks, Lana realized that the two did have a deeper connection beyond the physical as the pair even exchanged “I love yous” during their final date. But even though Holly and Nathan seemed inseparable during their run in Too Hot to Handle season 3, that doesn’t always translate to real life. Are the pair still dating in 2023?

Too Hot to Handle season 3: Nathan and Holly’s relationship status

Sadly, Nathan and Holly are no longer together. Their relationship ended a long time ago, even before Too Hot to Handle season 3 premiered in January 2022. During the reunion, the couple provided an update on their relationship status.

Due to many various factors, like the pandemic and their busy schedules, the pair parted ways. Holly also visited former contestant Harry Jowsey’s podcast Tap In, where she reiterated that she and Nathan were no longer a couple.

A little over a month after season 3 dropped on Netflix, Holly was spotted grabbing a meal with Keeping Up with the Kardashian star Scott Disick in Malibu. However, that relationship doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere.

Are you disappointed that Nathan and Holly aren’t together anymore? Who is your favorite Too Hot to Handle couple?

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