Shahmaran season 2: Will there be another season on Netflix?

Shahmaran. Cr: Netflix.
Shahmaran. Cr: Netflix. /

Shahmaran is Netflix’s latest dark fantasy series and one of several Turkish programs on the platform. The new series stars Serenay Sarikaya as Sahsu, a P.h.D. candidate from Istanbul who books a guest-lecture job at a university in the city of Adana. While there, she becomes entangled with a mysterious group that believes Sahsu might be tied to a mythical prophecy.

Premiering on January 20, Shahmaran has already become a hit with audiences thanks to its romantic and mystical elements. Netflix will likely take some time to determine whether or not they will renew the show, but many viewers are hopeful for Shamaran season 2.

There are eight, hour-long episodes of Shahmaran currently available to stream on Netflix. Those who have already watched all of the episodes available are sure to wonder where the show could go if it continues for another season. Below we’ll get into what we know about the show’s possible future on the platform.

Will there be a Shahmaran season 2 on Netflix?

As of January 26, 2023, Shahmaran has not been canceled or renewed. It’s hard to predict when Netflix shows will be renewed sometimes, especially international shows. But the good news is that Shahmaran has performed well in its first week on the streaming service, quickly moving into Netflix’s Top 10 in several countries. It’s always a good sign when a Netflix Original manages to claim a spot in the Top 10 chart in multiple places worldwide.

Traditionally, Netflix takes a few weeks, or even months, to make cancellation and renewal decisions. Even big hits like Wednesday still took more than a month for Netflix to officially announce that it would return. We probably will not know Shahmaran‘s fate until March or April.

Would you like to see Shahmaran season 2 happen on Netflix? What do you want to happen if the show does return for another season?

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