Physical: 100 cast: Who’s in the Korean reality competition series?

Physical: 100Image Courtesy Netflix
Physical: 100Image Courtesy Netflix /

The first Netflix Korean survival reality series called Physical: 100 is now available to stream. The first two episodes premiered on the streaming service on Jan. 24, and many people tuned in to see what it’s all about. If Netflix’s top 10 TV list is anything to go by, I’d say Physical: 100 is doing pretty well for itself. As of Jan. 26, it’s sitting at the No. 7 spot on the list and doesn’t look like it’ll be coming off anytime soon. We highly recommend checking it out for yourself. I’m sure you’ll be hooked by the first episode!

Physical: 100 is a competition reality program created by Jang Ho-gi. There are nine episodes in total, with two new episodes landing on Netflix every Tuesday. The show follows 100 contestants from various ethnicities, ages, and genders with different physiques. They compete against each other in tough challenges to prove their physical strength and for the chance to win the title of “most perfect physique.” And of course, there’s a cash prize of 300 million won (about $243,177.90 USD) for the winner!

The cast is made up of people from different occupations, such as national team athletes, weight lifters, actors, bodybuilders, ice climbers, influencers, TV personalities, MMA fighters, etc. In fact, you might even recognize some of the contestants. So, are you wondering who’s participating in the competition? If so, we shared who you can expect to see competing in the games below.

Physical: 100 cast

Here’s a list of the contestants in top physical shape participating in the intense challenges:

  • Yang Hak-seon – Professional gymnast
  • Ma Sun-ho – Bodybuilder
  • Hwang Ji-hun/Agent H – UDT reservist
  • Kim Ye-hyun – Former fencer
  • Bang Seong-hyeok – Trainer
  • Florian – German fitness model and TV personality
  • Kim Eun-ji – Competitive fitness model and trainer
  • Kim Chun-ri – Bodybuilder for 17 years
  • Jang Eun-sil – Wrestler for 17 years
  • BBULKUP – Food Service CEO. He was doing fitness but became an influencer. He even has his own YouTube channel and business.
  • Shim Eu-ddeum – Fitness YouTuber with 1.21 million subscribers
  • An Da-jeong – Bodybuilder
  • Son Hee-dong – Wrestler
  • Son Hee-chan – Ssireum wrestler
  • Tarzan – Travel YouTuber
  • Kkang Mi – Sergeant first class reservist
  • Jang Seong-min – National Rugby Player
  • Park Jin-young – National Team Luger
  • Cho Jung-myung – National Team Luger
  • Park Jung-ho – Prison guard for 17 years
  • Jo Jin-hyeong – Car dealer
  • Choi In-ho – Trainer
  • Jung Hae-min – Cyclist
  • Jjang Jae – The E-Tool
  • Cha Hyun-seung – He appeared on Single’s Inferno season 1. He’s also a dancer.
  • Jo Yeon-joo – 24-year-old cheerleader
  • Elaine – Actress from Singapore
  • Ha Je-yong – Arm-wrestling champion
  • Park Hyung-geun – MMA fighter
  • Song A-reum and Kim Kang-min – Married Bodybuilders
  • Lee Dae-won – Trot singer
  • Park Min-ji and Lee Da-hyeon – Ssireum wrestlers
  • Seol Ki-Kwan – National Team Bodybuilder
  • Kang Han – National Team Bobsleigh Athlete
  • Kim Sik – National Team Skeleton Coach
  • Jeong Bo-kyeong – National Team Judo Player
  • Miracle – Dancer
  • Choo Sung-hoon – MMA fighter at ONE Championship
  • OVAN – South Korean rapper
  • Caro – Crossfit YouTuber
  • Kim Byeong-jin – 18-year-old National Team Free Poomsae Competitor
  • Jeon Young – The leader of Korea’s first bone-breaking team and movie choreographer. He designed the choreography for the Netflix Korean dramas Kingdom and Hellbound.
  • Dustin Nippert – Baseball player for KBO Doosan Bears
  • Yun Sung-bin – Former skeleton racer. He won gold at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t include every single contestant since there’s a 100 in total. However, we shared a good amount.

New episodes of Physical: 100 are released on Netflix every Tuesday. Be sure to tune in and watch!

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