Is Teen Wolf: The Movie on Netflix?

The Wolf Pack is back together to save the world from another evil threat. Where can you stream Teen Wolf: The Movie online? Is it on Netflix?

“Allison!” It’s a scream we are all very familiar with. The death of Allison in Teen Wolf had to be one of the saddest of all time on TV. I’m still not over it.

Well, it looks like I don’t need to be. Allison is back in Teen Wolf: The Movie. But is it the real Allison? That’s something for everyone to figure out as the Wolf Pack returns to deal with a new threat. After all, this Allison doesn’t seem to have any memories about who the people in her life are.

Meanwhile, there is this huge threat to deal with. It’s going to be all hands on deck, and we’re certainly here for it. There are plenty of returning faces from the OG series. This is a revival movie and not a reboot.

Where to stream Teen Wolf: The Movie online

Is Teen Wolf: The Movie going to be on Netflix? We have some disappointing news. This is not going to be a Netflix release.

The movie is a Paramount+ movie. It’s an original by the streamer, which suggests that it is not going to head to Netflix in the future. Of course, we’re seeing a lot of changes when it comes to original content right now. HBO Max and STARZ have removed original content, so there is a chance Paramount+ could do at some point. That could open the door for Netflix to get it.

For now, you’ll want to get a Paramount+ subscription. It’s worth it for another werewolf series dropping on the streamer today. It’s all about Wolf Pack starring Sarah Michelle Gellar!

Teen Wolf: The Movie is only streaming on Paramount+.