Lockwood & Co. parents guide: Is the Netflix fantasy series okay for kids?

DSC_5031.NEFLockwood & Co. Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix
DSC_5031.NEFLockwood & Co. Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix /

A fantasy series called Lockwood & Co. lands on Netflix on Jan. 27. If you’re into shows involving ghost hunting, you might want to check out this new Netflix title. Who knows, you just might like it!

Lockwood & Co. is a British Netflix original based on the young adult book series of the same name by Jonathan Stroud. William McGregor, Catherine Morshead, and Joe Cornish directed the episodes. Additionally, Cornish wrote the scripts along with other talented writers.

It follows a trio of teenage paranormal investigators who operate a small startup in London that focuses on battling deadly spirits. The trio is played by Ruby Stokes (Lucy Carlyle), Cameron Chapman (Anthony Lockwood), and Ali Hadji-Heshmati (George Karim).

If Lockwood & Co. sounds like something you’d enjoy watching, let us share the parents guide and age rating with you. This way, you’ll know if you can watch it with kids around.

Lockwood & Co. parents guide and age rating

The fantasy show is rated TV-14, which seems like an appropriate age rating for a show based on a YA book series. Essentially, it means that this show may not be suitable for ages under 14. The reason for this age rating is because of the strong language and violence in the show.

Overall, we wouldn’t suggest watching this with younger kids. There will be many scenes involving creepy spirits, which can be considered frightening for some kids. However, if you want to watch this show with kids 14 years old or older, we believe you should have no problem. But we do recommend checking it out for yourself before making the decision.

There are eight episodes in total in the first season, so there will be plenty to watch and enjoy. Also, the episodes are about an hour each.

Check out the official trailer for a sneak peek of what’s to come in the series!

Lockwood & Co. arrives on Netflix on Jan. 27. Will you be watching the fantasy series?

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