Is the documentary A House Made of Splinters on Netflix?

Now that the 2023 Oscar nominations are in, films that are being recognized in different categories have more eyes turning to them. And with it being an honor just to be nominated, many of us who may not have seen or heard of the nominees are now interested. One category to pay attention to is the Documentary Feature section, which includes A House Made of Splinters.

The doc takes us into an orphanage in Eastern Ukraine as children are displaced throughout the war-torn country. In the doc, a group of social workers try creating a warm home for kids who need one while they await the court’s decision on their fates.

The film is not a Netflix Original, but that doesn’t mean the streamer can’t purchase the rights to distribute it. Can you watch the emotional documentary on Netflix? We’ve got the answer for you below!

Is A House Made of Splinters on Netflix?

Unfortunately, A House Made of Splinters is not currently streaming on Netflix as of March 2023. The film isn’t available to watch online on any other platform, but you can purchase the film via video-on-demand options including Amazon Prime.

The issue is that the doc doesn’t have an American distributor, making it hard for U.S. viewers to see it. For those in the U.K., you can currently stream it on the BBC iPlayer.

We’ll have to wait and see if one of the many streamers decides to acquire the Oscar-nominated film’s distribution rights as part of its streaming catalog. I’d hope so since it’s received such prestigious recognition.

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