Shahmaran cast: Who’s in the Turkish Netflix series?

Shahmaran. Cr: Netflix.
Shahmaran. Cr: Netflix. /

Are you looking for a show steeped in fantasy and mysticism? Netflix’s latest Turkish series Shahmaran might be right up your alley. This romantic television drama with fantasy elements is a suspenseful and ominous tale about a fabled Turkish legend.

If you like other fantasy shows on Netflix, like The Witcher, Shadow and Bone, or The Sandman, you should consider giving Shahmaran a chance. Turkish actress Serenay Sarikaya stars as Sahsu, a young woman from Istanbul. As a P.h.D. candidate, Sahsu travels to the city of Adana as a lecturer and in search of answers from her grandfather, who abandoned her mother years before.

On her journey, Sahsu begins witnessing visions and finds herself drawn to a mysterious community known as Mar, descended from Shahmaran. According to Turkish folklore, Shahmaran is a mythical half-woman and half-snake snake being who lives in an underground garden. Many versions of her have been featured in various legends and stories found across different cultures.

Released in late January on Netflix, Shahmaran has quickly become a popular series on the streaming service and entered Netflix’s Top 10 within its first week of release. Learn more about the series’ cast and characters below.

Shahmaran cast

Serenay Sarikaya stars as Sahsu, a lecturer who begins experiencing visions and soon finds herself drawn into an old legend. Sarikaya is a popular Turkish actress and model best known for starring in the Turkish teen drama series Medcezir and the psychological thriller Fi. If you like Sarikaya’s performance, consider becoming one of her 9.4 million Instagram followers.

Her co-star is Turkish actor Burak Deniz, who plays Maran and has predominantly worked in other Turkish projects. He is also a model and previously starred in the Turkish Netflix romantic drama Don’t Leave.

The prolific Turkish stage, film, and television actor Mustafa Ugurlu portrays Sahsu’s grandfather, Davut. He’s an essential part of unraveling the legend centered in the show.

Shahmaran cast and characters list

  • Serenay Sarıkaya as Sahsu
    • Almina Günaydın as young Sahsu
  • Burak Deniz as Maran
  • Mustafa Uğurlu as Davut
  • Mahir Günşiray as Ural
  • Ebru Özkan as Çavges
  • Mert Ramazan Demir as Cihan
  • Hakan Karahan as Lakmu
  • Elif Nur Kerkük as Medine
  • Mehmet Bilge Aslan as Salih
  • Berfu Halisdemir as Diba
  • Nilay Erdönmez as Hare
  • Nil Sude Albayrak as Bike
  • Ayşe Lebriz Berkem as Tutku
  • Ece Ertez as Lilit
  • Beran Soysal as Camsap
  • Mert Doğan as Arun

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