Who is Fez dating in That ’90s Show?

That ‘90s Show. (L to R) Wilmer Valderrama as Fez, Debra Jo Rupp as Kitty Forman in episode 103 of That ‘90s Show. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
That ‘90s Show. (L to R) Wilmer Valderrama as Fez, Debra Jo Rupp as Kitty Forman in episode 103 of That ‘90s Show. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 /

That ’90s Show is now streaming on Netflix, and everyone’s tuned in to see if it’s any good. While watching the new series, you might have some questions about who gets together with who. In fact, a question regarding That ’70s Show original character, Fez, keeps popping up. People want to know who Fez is in a relationship with in the teen show. That’s no problem for us!

If you recall, Fez ends up with Jackie at the end of That ’70s Show. However, the unlikely couple somehow splits before the start of the spinoff. Jackie makes her way back to Kelso, and they end up having a kid together, who we see in the new teen series.

But Fez doesn’t stay heartbroken for long because he gets romantically involved with a new person in That ’90s Show. Who is the mystery lady? Find out below!

Spoilers ahead from That ’90s Show

Who is Fez dating in That ’90s Show?

We find out who Fez is dating in episode 2. The character’s name is Sherri, and she’s the mother of Gwen and Nate and the Formans’ new next-door neighbor.

In episode 2, we meet Sherri when she goes over to Kitty and Red’s house to confront them about messing with her kids. While getting to know Kitty and Red, Sherri tells them that she’s been dating this guy for two weeks, and he wants to move in together. She tells them that the guy is clingy but is good-looking and has a nice car and a good job.

But Sherri believes things won’t work out between them in the long run, so she tells Kitty and Red that she needs to break up with him. She agrees to go on one last date with the guy to end things, but her plans change entirely once he picks her up in his nice car. The mystery guy is also revealed to be Fez.

In episode 3, Sherri reveals to Kitty and Red that her boyfriend is Fez and that she didn’t end up breaking up with him. So, Kitty tells Sherri she’ll go to Fez’s salon and break up with him for her. But once Kitty starts talking to Fez, she becomes distracted by his charm and changes her mind. Then, Sherri and Kitty get Red to do the dirty work. Red tells Fez that Sherri is dumping him and Fez is heartbroken by the news at first. But he gets over it once he discovers that Sherri has kids and is older than he thought.

Do Fez and Sherri get back together in That ’90s Show?

Yes! Fez and Sherri get back together in the season finale. After a tree from Sherri’s yard falls over into the Forman’s yard, Red confronts Sherri about it. During their conversation, Red asks Sherri why she hadn’t cut the tree down yet, and she tells him she’s been busy. Red asks her what she’s been busy with, and then Fez appears, implying that they’ve been sleeping together and are back together. Sherri tells Red that she and Fez bumped into each other at a restaurant and decided to give their relationship another try. At the end of the season finale, Fez and Sherri are still together, so there’s a chance we might see Fez return in a potential That ’90s Show season 2. Fingers crossed!

That ’90s Show is streaming on Netflix.

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